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Four Little Ducklings, in Stunning New Book, Empower Young Children to Embrace Personality Diversity

Written by Rachel Cook and beautifully illustrated by Shelby Groeneveld, ‘Four Little Ducks Take a Walk’ whisks young readers on an unforgettable literary adventure with plenty of food for thought. Led by four lovable ducks with divergent personalities, the adventure is not only inspiring children to get outside and see their world, but be proud of their individuality and celebrate the uniqueness of others.


Post Falls, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- When watching ducks on a lake or in the park, their individuality is always instantly evident. To help young children recognize, accept and celebrate the diversity in human personality, author Rachel Cook is delighted to announce the launch of her latest book for children aged two to six years.

‘Four Little Ducks Take a Walk’ is as unique and engrossing as it is important. While enchanting, the book also shares a serious message about being proud of who we really are.


‘Four Little Ducks Take a Walk,’ is a children's book written by Rachel Cook and beautifully illustrated by Shelby Groeneveld. It details the adventures and variety of youthful personalities of the four little ducks. This short book begins with a familiar premise. Mother Duck tells her little ones to venture out and discover the wider world. These four have divergent personalities.

One is kind, one is combative, one is smart, and one is always hungry! Each of them have a different version of the story to tell when they return. Shelby's illustrations are simple, soft and pleasing to the eye and give real character and emotion to the characters.

As the author explains, this isn’t a story to be simply read and put back on the shelf. Instead, the thought-provoking narrative will open up a vital dialogue between children and their families.

“Every child will see a bit of themselves and their own family in the ducklings’ reactions and we hope the book gets them talking about each character’s differences, as well as the commonalities they all share. Children will come to realize that varying personalities really do add a certain spice to life and won’t prevent them from reaching their goals. Individuality is something to be celebrated!” says Cook, who was inspired to write the book after watching how her own children observed the world around them.

Continuing, “We also want to empower children to get outside and create their own adventures, rather than simply immersing themselves in today’s media devices. There’s a whole world out there to explore.”

Reviews for the book have been extremely positive. For example, Erin comments, “I bought this book to read to my nieces and nephews and to save up for our own little one on the way. The story is entertaining, the illustrations are beautiful, and I can picture this book appealing to many different ages - to little ones for the repetition and easy-to-follow story, and to older children for the opportunity to see themselves in the duckling's reactions.”

Cook also wrote the book with a bold purpose. “We’ll be using a portion of proceeds to assist the Crossroads Pregnancy Center, which was established to teach and assist pregnant teens in the Central Valley of California the value of human life by addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of women and families facing crucial decisions surrounding unplanned pregnancy. Their work is vital and literature is a great vehicle for raising the funds they require to continue with their good work,” she adds.

‘Four Little Ducks Take a Walk’ is available now from Amazon and Blurb. For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://www.fourlittleducks.net.

About the Author: Rachel Cook
Rachel Cook was raised in the Central Valley of California.

She married a young Navy sailor from her church and they have been married for almost a decade. In the first five years they had four children; first a girl and then three boys. While watching her children’s adventures and the different ways they observed their world, Cook decided to write her first book.

The author currently has three books in progress and plans on continuing to write into the future.