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Get Every One's Body and HEART Healthy with Krav Maga

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Grapevine, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- Health and fitness advocates encourage countless individuals to choose and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As part of attaining optimum health, they emphasize the importance of working out in keeping the heart healthy and fit. Coach Larry Clay of Monster X Camp introduces Krav Maga as a remarkable workout activity, everyone can try.

Self-defense as Alternative

As a Krav Maga instructor, Coach Larry introduces the program to everyone as a fitness routine alternative. “Krav Maga is primarily an Israeli self-defense technique. However, it also serves as a great workout regimen for everyone,” says the coach. “I’ve seen countless people who aimed to lose weight and stay fit. They spend money on gym memberships or buy workout guides. The problem is doing the routines regularly will be boring in the long run, which results to giving up their exercises.”

Effective Workout Routine

According to Coach Larry, people taking Grapevine TX Krav Maga Classes at Monster X Camp aim to learn about Krav Maga as a practical and effective self-defense practice that target with its holistic approach. Aside from learning how to protect themselves, students claim significant weight loss with regular practice and movement.

Fun for Everyone

Coach Larry is teaching students daily and sees that none of them show any sign of boredom while attending majority of classes. In fact, contrary to most people's belief, attendance had been great. Continued dedication to the sport/self-defense discipline yields results to help achieve effective weight loss in the long run.

Heart Health Boosted

Shedding off excess pounds is only the first health benefits gained from taking Krav Maga classes, similarly with other exercises. On top of weight loss, Coach Larry highlights how it improves heart health. The Krav Maga coach proudly states, “More than being a good workout option and self-defense technique, Krav Maga also aids in improving heart health. Sonu Varkey is one of the people who can prove this benefit. Six months before taking Krav Maga, Sonu Varkey was on the heart transplant list with his 11% heart usage. During that span of time, his heart health dramatically improved and is now completely medication free. He had major heart problem, but Krav Maga proved its heart benefits. Imagine how much effective it is for individuals without major heart problems in saving their anatomical pump,” says Coach. Watch Sonu Varkey’s testimonial by visiting

Monster X Camp conducts regular classes ideal for every type of student. Everyone will experience multiple health benefits while learning self-defense.

Ifanyone want to know how to get fit fast through this self-defense system, visit Monster X Camp’s website at may also want to check out their gym and have an ocular trip in its facilities.

About Monster X Camp
Spearheaded by Coach Larry Clay, Monster X Camp is a martial arts school established in Grapevine, Texas. It devotes itself in promoting the holistic benefits of martial arts for people within its community. Every instructor shares the same passion in teaching everyone about self-defense while fostering an enjoyable learning environment for students.

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