Goma Industries Brand Announces the Launch of the New Gopro Suction Cup Mount Goma Solid

Making films with GOMA Industries’ beneficial tools and accessories is much easier!


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- GOMA Industries is known amongst specialists in the filmmaking industry for top-­?grade camera accessories they produce. The company has just released their new product called GOMA Solid that is a perfect top quality, money-­?saving tool for GoPro Hero, Hero2, Hero3, and Hero4 cameras with mulPple advantages and benefits.

The GOMA Solid is a 180-­?degree, 3-­?axis arm system designed for easy, convenient and correct framing guaranteed with Pght locks. Customers will be able to remove the camera’s quick-­?release base within seconds to not miss the precious moments. All GoPro ediPons are fully compaPble with GOMA Solid SucPon cup mount that makes firm aXachment to some dashboards and all windshields of a car or boat. The Solid Stubbornly aAaches to a variety of different materials such as metals, glass, ceramics, plexiglass, and plasPcs. This makes the Solid a reliable camera accessory for every GoPro owner.

The newly released GOMA Solid sucPon cup mount gives customers the opportunity to use their GoPro for mulPple purposes:

People can now save their money on expensive car insurance claims?They are able to capture acPon shots of their stunts?They can post their aXracPve video content in social media to get more “likes” By making creaPve videos, they can draw more traffic to their online businesses
This new accessory allows people to unleash and use the full potenPal of their GoPro camera, as the solid sucPon system of the GOMA Solid provides the opportunity for taking great shots.

The product is not designed to be used for impact acPviPes, like snowboarding or riding a bull. The package includes a convenient drawstring bag that helps keeps all GoPro pieces together. GOMA Solid’s maximum strength is achieved in clean and dry surfaces.

For addiPonal informaPon on the newly released GOMA Solid product, please go to

About Goma Industries
Goma Industries is a popular camera accessories brand established by proud members and experts from the InternaPonal Cinematographers Guild. The products they design for the filmmaking industry are tested to meet all film industry standards, and can be used by non-­ professionals as well. The company ensures the top quality of their products and guarantees full customer saPsfacPon with 30-­day manufacturer’s warranty.