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Grandpa's Story: First Volume in Hair-Rising 'The Living Ghost' Series Urges Readers to Exercise Vigilance when Inviting Others Into Their Homes

While a story of fiction by Blessing Abiaka, ‘The Living Ghost (Grandpa’s Story)’ takes its cue from the many world cultures where the presence of ghosts is visible. Readers will get to know Joan, a college student whose life takes on a mysterious new twist after moving into a house with a roommate that she has never met before. It’s a stark warning for readers to always investigate those they come into contact with…


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- While everyone likes to exercise trust and give those they meet the benefit of their doubt, a scary and thought-provoking new novel from Blessing Abiaka proves that doing so could prove disastrous.

In ‘The Living Ghost (Grandpa’s Story)’, Abiaka weaves a chilling tale of one college student’s life-changing experiences brought on by moving in with someone she doesn’t know. Of course, as with any good story, Abiaka has taken her cue from the real world.


Joan, a college student in her late twenties, finds herself in need of affordable housing. She moves into a familiar home with an unfamiliar new roommate.

The new house turns out to be much more than Joan bargained for when supernatural events start to occur there. After Joan confides in her roommate, he simply tells her she has an overactive imagination. She decides to seek spiritual help from a pastor who has special abilities of her own.

Joan suddenly finds herself in a tug-of-war with the pastor and her roommate as her world starts to take a series of twists and turns.

She must discover what's going on in her home and why she's the target of strange occurrences.

“This is of course a work of fiction, but it was heavily inspired by stories from parts of the world where the presence of ghosts in blatantly visible,” says Abiaka. “The story of Joan has manifested itself into many real-life situations and there are people out there who can tell a very similar story.”

Continuing, “It comes with a bold message to readers – that they should always research, question and investigate people they meet before they get involved with them on any level, as you really never do know exactly who you are inviting into your house. Thousands of people have let seemingly ‘normal’ people in their homes with dire consequences, or with deadly results.”

While her story is naturally chilling, Abiaka makes it clear that is suitable for all ages.

“It may be powerful, but it isn’t graphic in any way. Everyone from children to seniors will revel in Joan’s story and, whatever their place in life, they will be left with plenty to think about,” she adds.

‘The Living Ghost (Grandpa’s Story)’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1nGx1NY.

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The author lives in Phoenix, AZ.