Greyhound Legal - Taking the Cuss out of Customer Support


Tacoma, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- What happened to the days of exemplary customer service when you could actually reach a customer service associate on the phone, to days of specific advice tailored to your personal needs. When did good customer support turn into thirty minute holds or worse? Where did this all go so terribly wrong! Was it with the invention of electronic phone greetings or Call management systems? Or was it the outsourcing of telecommunications to foreign lands to save money or skirt tax implications. Can we ever get back to the one on one communications of days past and the gold standard of customer support? Good process serving companies recognize this and especially Tacoma Process Servers have tailored their service to meet customer’s needs.

Satisfying customers!
Dissatisfied customers will tell an average of ten people about their bad experience so providing the best in customer service is not only mission critical it is the crucible of a good business plan. Keeping customers informed and in the loop on details of service is crucial to customer retention. Did you know that the cost of attracting new customers to your business is nearly five times the amount of keeping your current ones? So, if service is the metric that easily distinguishes a good company from an inherently bad one why have so many process serving companies lost touch? With Google local listings and verified customer reviews the value of customer retention is mission one critical. Creating loyal followings through great reviews is just one way to set yourself apart from the fold. So what influences your customers to keep coming back and what puts them off? First let’s look at what we should avoid doing. Firstly, being short with customer’s rude and giving misleading information is a customer killer. If you are dropping the ball by not fulfilling promises or orders due to an untrained or under qualified staff then your fancy products just don’t matter. What can we do to keep customers coming back? Keeping your word and being an exemplary listener is a good start. Acknowledge what they have to say quickly, and follow up with solutions that work.

Are customers buying your courtesy!
Yes, they are buying you time when they call and it is the job of the salesman to turn the call into a sale without being pushy. Any questions or concerns should be answered without having to put the customer on hold or having to forward the call to a superior. If the technician is without the knowledge necessary to answer all the customers concerns then there should be a replacement at hand or a retraining policy to mend those issues. Always let the customer vent if needed, don’t interrupt just listen attentively. Make sure you understand the problem and when appropriate offer a solution if asked. Take action and be genuine in your concern for their issue. Remember learning is not linear so offer some creative solutions or alternatives to the call, remember to be sincere.

Wow you customers with cheeky solutions to old ideas. Have fun and offer up a few well timed jokes when father time presents itself, this makes for great theater and could create one, if not the best customer experiences they have ever encountered. Use your own experiences to mirror theirs and show off your successes and failures while throwing in a laugh or two. This will make for a more memorable experience and get them to interact with you. So When considering a Tacoma process server make sure you find one that takes customer service serious and knows what your needs are.