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Sandpoint, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2014 --, an online store, offers the most reliable and cost-effective range of biometric gun safes on the market today. As experts in the industry, and with long standing connections with all major and minor players in the firearm and safe sectors, all the products available on their website are of impeccable quality and reflect a bold style statement. Their biometric gun safes have some unique and extra-ordinary advantages, especially in the ways of recognizing and validating human traits. offers biometric safes with huge advantages. Biometric gun safes don’t require the carry or handling of keys and smart cards. Only biometric systems base authentication of identity on an intrinsic physiological or behavioural trait of a human being. Since passwords can be forgotten, stolen, or shared, these body and personal traits are individually specific.

The word physiological means related to the body, examples of this include but are not limited to fingerprints, face recognition, DNA, or iris recognition; behavioural examples include but are not limited to voice, typing rhythm, and gait (also known as body mechanics).

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