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Health and Fitness Workouts Reports Sprinting Is More Efficient Than Jogging for Men Per Australian University

Sprinting sheds belly fat faster in males than jogging


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- Men can use up the same amount of calories in sprinting for an hour as jogging for seven hours. Scientists from an Australian University claimed that 40+ overweight men substantially reduced abdominal weight and gained lean mass via a 12-week sprint-training athletic training program. The study also found that the program caused visceral fats—harmful calorie deposits around organs in the abdomen—to drop by 17 percent.

“There is mounting proof that exercises demanding greater exertion impel fat loss better than less strenuous activities. Scientists have long sought efficient exercises. Sprinting now seems to be one of those,” said fitness advocate K. Chatman.

The study subjects were made to mount a stationary bike, sprint for eight seconds, and slow-pedal for 12 seconds repeatedly over 20 minutes; three times a week. As a result, the subjects decreased abdominal fat and gained leg and trunk muscle after 12 weeks. Citing other studies, the researchers claimed the weight loss is equivalent to jogging five to seven hours weekly for 14 weeks.

Interested individuals should consider performing sprint routines thrice weekly, with adequate rest days in between for two weeks. Afterwards, they could consider downsizing to sprinting only twice a week over six weeks.

“Since sprint training could be too intense for comfort, especially for starters, it probably should not be performed more than three times a week,” warned Mr. Chatman.

To perform a sprint workout, one begins with a thorough warm-up for about 5-10 minutes. During these sessions, sprints should be performed intermittently utilizing ~60% to 100% of maximum heart rate along with recovery periods lasting around 2-4 minutes.

“Individuals should switch between sprint and recovery anywhere between four to eight times. If they are new to sprinting, four repetitions may do at first,” K.A. Chatman concluded.

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