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When Jilted Lovers Ask, “How Do You Get your Ex Back After a Bad Breakup?” This Website Gives Them the Answer

Former breakup victim reveals how he re-established a relationship with his ex-girlfriend


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2011 -- Breakups…the problem isn’t unusual but the pain can be for lovers who find themselves constantly asking, “How do you get your ex back after a bad breakup?” According to an eNation survey conducted by John Fetto, almost one-third of Americans have had a breakup within the past 10 years. This makes breaking up a very common emotional experience among adults.

The All About Breakups website aims to help separation sufferers come back from this emotional experience -- not as an ‘ex,’ but as one-half of a couple. All About Breakups was created by a former breakup sufferer who won back the heart of his girlfriend by following a few critical steps he discovered through online research.

According to All About Breakups site owner Kevin (he prefers not to share his last name), “A lot of these ‘how to get your ex back’ websites tell you to get yourself in shape, make yourself over and completely ignore your ex. If it were that cut and dry, there would be no need to try to get your ex back. Rekindling a relationship requires very different strategies… that’s what I show on my site.”

On All About Breakups, Kevin offers the story of how he tried to get his ex-girlfriend back after a long breakup. He said he read a lot of ‘how to get your ex back’ material, all the while depressed and sitting at home by the phone waiting for his ex-girlfriend to call.

“The mistakes I made were very common among people who want to win an ex back,” said Kevin. “Once I figured out where I went wrong I was able to win my girlfriends heart and create a much stronger foundation for our relationship.”

To read more about Kevin’s story and learn how he was able to win his ex back, visit All About Breakups at

About All About Breakups:
All About Breakups answers the question “how do you get your ex back after a bad breakup?” as told by site owner Kevin. Kevin went through a serious breakup and learned how to reconnect with his girlfriend after learning some unique psychological strategies.