Huthwaite Unveils New Buyer-Based Solutions

Programs Help Improve Sales Performance by Focusing on the Customer


Arlington, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- Huthwaite, the world’s leading sales performance improvement organization, today announced two new customer-centric sales solutions. The Focus on the Buyer Solution Suite is a comprehensive sales and marketing performance package that relies on buyer-oriented strategy to improve business performance. The Buyer Focused Account Strategy workshop helps develop business tactics based on a company’s priorities. Both solutions, which are founded on scientifically validated behavior research, drive real business results.

According to Huthwaite CEO and President John Golden, buyer-focused solutions, such as those offered by Huthwaite, are truly shaking up the marketplace. “In 2011, the Aberdeen Group surveyed more than 800 organizations to uncover how they were using sales training to achieve better results. Their research shows that Huthwaite’s customers outperformed all other firms surveyed when it comes to quota, customer renewal rate and lead conversion rate,” said Golden. “That’s because we focus on understanding the buyer in order to drive sales performance.”

Huthwaite’s new Focus on the Buyer Solution Suite puts the customer at the heart of every transaction by honing in on the following areas:

- SPIN 2.0, buyer-focused messaging and social selling and buyer-focused playbooks
- Buyer-focused opportunity strategy and buyer-focused account strategy
- Buyer-aligned negotiations
- Buyer-focused pipeline management
- Buyer-focused marketing, buyer-focused prospecting

The Buyer Focused Account Strategy workshop is a two-day, in-person workshop that assists participants in analyzing data, formulating reasonable objectives and developing overall strategies for an actual account. The workshop gives sales and marketing executives a competitive edge in areas such as understanding buyers at a strategic level, gaining access to key people and leveraging influence within an organization, connecting their capabilities to what is most important to their buyers, understanding the type of communication that the buyer seeks during each stage of the buying cycle and more.

Huthwaite has performed extensive research on buyer behavior, and that research has helped shape the firm’s programs and solutions. In 2012, the Huthwaite Center for Research (HCR) released the global research study, “Focus on the Buyer,” which uncovered dramatic new findings that are now helping sales and marketing executives improve sales results by identifying where buyers really are in their information-gathering process at each juncture of the buying cycle. The data also highlights the types of communication buyers require at each of the buying cycle phases, and identifies ways sales and marketing groups can accelerate the process by delivering provocative and compelling messages.

In addition, Huthwaite’s research stems from a comprehensive two-year study that targeted business executives, and examined, in-depth, the changes they were seeing in buyer behavior. The firm then surveyed more than 3,000 buyers, whose responses reinforced those findings.

About Huthwaite
Huthwaite is the world’s leading sales performance improvement organization. Founded on scientifically validated behavioral research, their methodologies—which include the internationally renowned SPIN® Selling—guarantee sales success. Huthwaite assesses its clients’ needs and develops customized sales performance improvement and coaching programs for sales and marketing professionals that drive real business results. Continually recognized as a leader in the field for its successful work in sales performance improvement, both Selling Power magazine and the website added Huthwaite to their lists of top companies in the sales training industry. For more information, visit, the company’s blog, Twitter stream or Facebook page.