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Job Seekers Stand out From the Crowd with Professional Resumes from "Free Resume Builder"


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2012 -- In many cases, a person’s first impression to a potential employer is their resume. And with companies currently receiving 100 to 200 resumes per job opening, it is extremely important to have a resume that stands out from the crowd.

But there are literally thousands of formats for people to choose from when putting together their resume. Deciding which one is the most professional, straightforward and easiest to read can be difficult.

More job seekers are turning to FreeResumeBuilder.org to quickly and easily create an attractive, professional resume sure to impress prospective employers and hiring managers. The resume builder site is free to use and allows people to develop a well-rounded, detailed resume by simply inputting their contact details, education and work experience into the online form. Within minutes, a person can have a free formatted resume ready to print or email.

With employment openings at a premium in today’s economy, companies are placing a higher value on applicants’ resumes.

According to Free Resume Builder, it is important for job seekers to have a unique resume to help them stand out from the hundreds of other people vying for an interview.

The resume builder site states, “Here at Free Resume Builder - we understand that all resumes were not created equal. We have hand-selected some of the best resume templates that will give you the edge you need to help get you the interview you deserve. Free Resume Builder can help you get noticed so you can get an opportunity to land your next job!”

Once a person has entered all of their basic contact information, education, certifications and work experience, Free Resume Builder automatically formats and creates a downloadable Word Document that can be saved and printed or emailed to prospective employers.

While filling out their details on Free Resume Builder, it is important for job seekers to be cognizant of a few common mistakes people make on their resumes. They should pay close attention to their spelling and grammar, make sure the resume is not too long, make sure they are not including irrelevant information to job they are applying for, and not include references who have not been informed.

With assistance from the Free Resume Builder, job applicants can rest assured they are creating a sophisticated and detailed resume that will help catch the attention of even the pickiest hiring manager.

For more information or to build a free resume, visit http://www.FreeResumeBuilder.org

About Free Resume Builder:
Free Resume Builder is a free online resource for job seekers to create a professional and unique resume. The company features some of the best resume templates available and allows visitors to quickly and simply enter their contact details, education and work experience into the site’s online form. The site then provides a downloadable Word Document resume that can be printed or emailed to potential employers.