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Karatbars International Wins the Best Prepaid Card Design for Its MasterCard in 2013

Karatbars makes it easy and affordable for the average person to buy gold 1 gram at a time. They are running a 12-week savings plan that can result in over $4,500 per week in commissions and residual income


Texas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- Karatbars International now wins the Best Prepaid Card Design in 2013 for its MasterCard at Prepaid 365 Awards. The company has also introduced a plan to make it affordable for average person to buy 1 gram of gold at a time. Karatbars has created a number of business opportunities by launching their PrePaid MasterCard, which allows their members to get paid every time they use it.

According to a spokesperson of the company, Frank Kasper, “We understand the plight of common man in purchasing gold in bulk orders. Therefore, we have come up with a 12-week savings plan that would help you yield over $4,500 per week. Our small scheme is handy to help common person buy one gram of karatbars gold at a time.”

He added that the MasterCard of the company is awarded as the best designed prepaid cards in 2013. This remarkable feat of the company lies in their scheme that allows payment to the members, who use their PrePaid MasterCards in over 80 countries.

Kasper also said, “We are aiming to become the single largest Market Transfer in the world. Our effort in helping people with average income to save for buying gold through various karatbars intro programs is getting tremendous response across the world.”

Karatbars is also internationally renowned and they provide authentic certificate along with their gold, having genuine serial number imprinted on the card and over the physical gold bar. They even provide authentic verification code of gold bullion. The hologram over the physical Nadir gold bar is a genuine symbol that is accepted across the world as karatbars presentation of authentic trademark.

According to Jane Stellar, “I am very lucky to possess the MasterCard by Karatbars as it is a very reliable source to save money for buying gold. Earlier, I used to spend the money, as there was no specific savings scheme for such purpose.”

The market size of the card is expanding and is targeted to achieve one-third portion of a percentage of market transfer. It is aimed to become bigger than any other market.

About Karatbars International
Karatbars International (http://www.karatbarsaffiliateprogram.com) is a renowned company that has introduced karatbars affiliate program for average person that helps them to save money to buy 1 gram of gold at a time, easily. They have introduced innovative schemes through residual income and commissions helping common people to save over $4,500 per week.