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Keeping on the Fitness Course


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Seasonal shifts, a change in schedule, or a person being sidelined by an injury or illness can sometimes pull new exercisers off the track. While diehard exercisers can take a cheat day be fine, those struggling with starting a fitness regimen may give up after a break, thinking they have failed in their fitness goals. If a tumble off the wagon has left a person less than enthusiastic about trying to catch up and get on again, here are some tips to help catch the bandwagon and keep on the fitness course.

Psychiatrists and trainers suggest those starting on a path to wellness keep their expectations realistic. Progress is an important motivator, but one must accept progress in terms of certain goals and the whole picture, as well. Instead of focusing on the scale, a person aiming for weight loss should continue to congratulate themselves on being healthy overall.

Change takes time, and new routines or getting back on track can be frightening to new fitness enthusiasts. But one of the biggest detours to staying the course exercisers report is boredom. If the treadmill or elliptical offers little appeal, seek out group fitness classes for variety, or take up a sport on a local team. This provides socialization and can keep the mind engaged as well as the body.

Changes in fitness also require changes in habit. If a person has stopped their daily smoke break, or is skipping the fast food lunch line in turn for a packed lunch from home, they should congratulate themselves. These are changes that will be long lasting, and even if the wagon trail has bumps, keeping up good habits will make catching up to those goals easier. If a fall has taken place, embrace the whole picture of wellness rather than just the fitness side. Soon enough, the motivation will return, and the person will be outpacing the fitness wagon before they realize it.

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