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Let's Cook Thai with Ruth: Tasty & Colorful Book, by Native Author, Puts Authentic Thai Cuisine on the Table Within 30-Minutes

Ruth Jennings (Rungthip) first released ‘Let’s Cook Thai with Ruth’ sixteen years ago, and it has since enjoyed an abundance of praise from within the culinary community and is even now stocked in the Library of Congress. With Thai cuisine more popular than ever, Ruth (Rungthip) is re-introducing her book to the public to prove that anyone can cook delectable authentic Thai food and have it on the table in no time.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- Pad Thai, Satay with peanut sauce and Korat barbeque chicken; it’s enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Sixteen years ago native Thai, Ruth Jennings (Rungthip), released a delicious and colorful cookery book to prove that it is quick and easy. With the world sizzling up Thai food more than ever before, Ruth (Rungthip) is now re-announcing the book to the thousands wanting to produce authentic Thai cuisine in their own kitchens.

‘Let’s Cook Thai with Ruth’ reveals all – and it smells fantastic.


35 Authentic Thai Recipes by a Native Thai who has lived in America for 45 years. Most of the recipes cook within 30 minutes without a wok. The famous original pad Thai recipe from Korat Thailand which is popular among the Thai's along with the famous Satay with peanut sauce, the famous Korat barbeque chicken and many other favorite recipes of Thailand are all available in this colorful cookbook. There is also mention of the medicinal and healing power of the herbs and spices which she used in her recipes.

“Most Thai food looks very exotic and complicated, which leads to the false belief that it’s time-consuming and beyond the reach of the average household cook. This couldn’t be any further from the truth! Anyone can put Thai authentic cuisine on their table within about a half hour,” explains Ruth Jennings (Rungthip).

Continuing, “My book will walk you through everything, by creating some of my native country’s best culinary exports. There’s a whole world out there to explore within your palate.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, one reader comments, “If you've never tasted Thai food and are a beginner at making Thai food, this is the book for you. It is not at all intimidating. To the contrary, it is very easy to follow, even including pictures and descriptions of the condiments. Even if you are an experienced Thai cook, you will love this handy cookbook with its great, authentic recipes.”

Julie Hindra adds, “This is a wonderfully clear, concise cookbook with easy-to-follow recipes and colorful photos that represent various Thai dishes and the lovely art of Thai display. The book fits perfectly on any shelf, and the spiral allows it to lay flat so you can simultaneously follow directions and prepare food. It is well arranged and thought out, and the mouthwatering recipes are simplified for people on the go.”

One Amazon customer used the book to fill a huge culinary void in his life. He writes, “I was married to a Thai woman for three years. She became homesick and moved back to Thailand. I was left with a HUGE CRAVING for good Thai cooking! My friend recommended this book. The recipes are great! I can't believe that I can cook Thai food this great by myself!!! And its so easy! I recommend this book to everybody!”

‘Let’s Cook Thai with Ruth’ is available now: http://bit.ly/1pKvUhK.

The book can also be purchased directly from the author: ruthkjennings@gmail.com.

Also by mail: Ruth Jennings, PO Box 1454, Springfield, VA, 22151, USA.
iPhone: 703-678-5598.

About Ruth Jennings
Ruth Jennings (Rungthip) is a connoisseur for Thai food, was born in Korat province, the north-eastern part of Thailand. There, people eat spicier foods than in other parts of the country. So Ruth brought up the real native way of cooking technique which is quite simple and original. She also explains the history of Thai cooking which nobody has done before.