LoPresti Aviation

LoPresti Updates King Air with Next Generation BoomBeam HID Lighting

Now more than 1.5 Million Candela


Sebastian, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- With the BoomBeams now every landing is a daylight landing. Since we installed the BoomBeams we have flown hundreds of hours and haven't had a failure. I don't expect to ever change another landing or taxi light. In fact, I'm so confident in the performance, I don't even carry any spares,"

Mark Jones, Chief Pilot for Marquette Electronics.

The BoomBeam provides a light whose color is very close to actual daylight.   This means that not only is the light MUCH brighter than the standard light, (10 times more light), but is also much whiter, yielding colors that are more truer, giving you a better night view. 

Brighter Lighting: Reveals Hidden Obstacles
High Reliability: Save Maintenance Costs
Lower Amp Draw: Longer Alternator Life
Whiter Light Color: Improves Pilot Night Vision
Longer Range Light: Improves Safety - No Surprises On The Runway
Five Year Warranty: Leave On Continuously To Improve Safety