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Low Fat Dairy Product Market: Global Snapshot by 2024

As the name suggests, the low-fat dairy products are the products made from milk which has less fat. Some of the low-fat dairy products include skim milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2017 -- The low-fat dairy products are as tasty as dairy products made with whole milk. Their flavor and texture are also similar to whole milk dairy products. There are various types of procedures to separate the fat from whole milk. Creaming is one of the types of separation, where milk is heated at a high temperature and allowed to stabilize for around half an hour to naturally separate the cream from the milk. Another technique followed to remove the fat from whole milk is through centrifugal separation. This is a commonly used procedure to separate fat from whole milk and turn it into skim milk by the use of the centrifuge which spins containers of milk at a high force. Centrifugal method of separation of fat can also remove bacteria and other harmful elements from milk. The low-fat dairy products are useful for weight loss for adults as well as in the case of obese children. Low-fat milk products can provide vital nutrients such as vitamins, proteins and calcium during pregnancy.

Increasing awareness about health benefits related to low-fat dairy products among the global population is expected to propel its demand across the globe. People all over the world are becoming more heath conscious and choosing healthy diet options to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Low-fat dairy products are one of the sources of nutrients which are required to maintain good health. Rising number of obese population which is moving to a healthy lifestyle is creating a positive impact on the global low-fat dairy product market. Increasing investment in dairy research and science is boosting product innovations and helping develop new products in the low-fat dairy product market. This particular factor is creating a robust development in the global market of low-fat dairy products. Being one of the important low-fat dairy products, there is a lot of development in the expansion of the yogurt food industry which is indirectly boosting the global low-fat dairy product market. Development in retailing infrastructure drives the consumption of low-fat dairy products which is fueling the growth of the global low-fat dairy product market. High disposable income is equally contributing to the progress of the global low-fat dairy product market.

Safeguarding the original organoleptic properties such as taste, texture, look and smell of low-fat dairy products is a huge challenge for manufacturers. During the fat separation procedure, the taste, texture or flavor of the milk is likely to be affected adversely. Ultimately the taste and flavor of the final product can also be affected. For instance, the taste of low-fat cheese is much different after removing the fat and excess sodium. This particular factor is hampering the growth of the global low-fat dairy product market.

North America and Europe are the dominant regions in the global low-fat dairy product market due to high consumption of low-fat dairy products in these regions. It is anticipated that APAC, Latin America and MEA regions are likely to witness strong growth in the low-fat dairy product market during the projected period.

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Amul, Danone, Dairy Farmers of America, Megmilk Snow Brand Co. Ltd, Fonterra Co-Operative Group Limited and Arla Foods Amba are some of the key manufacturers of low-fat dairy products across the globe.

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