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Macon IT Support Specialists Achieved Certification in the Level 5 Leader Certification Program

Thomas Paine is known for the saying, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." Robert Betzel of Infinity Network Solutions is convinced that the only way to succeed is to lead, and the best way to learn how to lead is getting certified in Success With People's Level 5 Leader Certification Program.


Macon, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2011 -- If you speak with different executives and businesses, you will find that they have different opinions on what it takes to ensure that they get maximum production from their staff. Some will readily admit that it takes superb management, while others take the side of leadership. Robert Betzel of Infinity Network Solutions very aptly said it this way, "One of the most important skills is leadership for managers at all levels, and how could I expect my team to become better if I didn’t lead the way."

That is why he enrolled and received certification in the Level 5 Leader Certification Program as developed by David Russell at Success With People. The program is an intense one-year program that builds on the premise that managers were born champions; it's high time they step up to the plate and begin to act like one. The program itself is broken up into two different levels:

• Leadership Intensive (3-4 months)
• Level 5 Leaders Club (8 months)

Along the way, the enrollee receives one-on-one coaching devised to help the potential leader improve leadership practices and habits. The Leaders Club centers around coaching calls, strategy training, open conversations about a topic, development reading, and more. Mr. Betzel explained, "I decided to take part in this program because I am always looking to improve my leadership skills for our company and our clients. David help me see where I needed to improve myself and the company and then helped me stay focused on the task needed to successfully improve. I know that being a great leader is something that I will have to work on the rest of my life because you can always be better."

As a matter of fact, Betzel was so impressed with the program that he co-authored The Company Culture Challenge book with David because the steps in the program transformed Infinity Network Solutions so employees are having more fun, taking more responsibility for providing a fantastic client experience, and the company is now growing in leaps and bounds as a result.

For more information on The Company Culture Challenge, see the book on Amazon or your favorite bookseller’s website, or contact Success With People – or call (877) 514-0200 ext. 200.

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