MamaBear Helps Parents Provide Summer Safety for Kids

The MamaBear family safety app makes summer safe for kids of all ages.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- The MamaBear family monitoring app is available to help provide summer safety for kids all over the world. The summer months give children far more free time than the school year offers. The freedom and warm weather can be a great time for children to grow and explore the world on their terms. Unfortunately, that sometimes means summer can be the most dangerous time of the year for children, as well as difficult and stressful for parents.

The MamaBear family monitoring app offers parents several options to monitor children, including GPS monitoring, social media monitoring and driving speed alerts. This powerful tracking software works best on Android powered smartphones, and newer model iOS powered iPhones. The parental logged in view of the app can be used from any web connected iPhone, Android smartphone or device running Android 2.2, iOS 4.3 or later.

MamaBear can keep parents in the know and provide a summer safety net for families. In addition to GPS tracking, MamaBear can alert parents when a child exceeds a specified driving speed, ensuring they drive safely and only ride with drivers who respect the speed limit. MamaBear can lessen parent anxiety by issuing parents push or email based alerts if a child leaves an approved location. MamaBear can also alert parents when a child enters a location specified as dangerous.

By combining these real-world tracking features with social media monitoring, parents can get a clear picture of what their kids are up to this summer. Parents can receive alerts when a child uploads a photo to Instagram or is tagged in a Facebook or Instagram post. Parents can also receive alerts when a child uses specific language or is contacted by friends that parents have restricted. These social media alerts can give parents specific details on summer activities that location tracking can’t offer.

MamaBear gives kids easy to use options to protect themselves over the summer. With a simple three button interface, children can check in with parents quickly and quietly. In difficult or emergency situations, children can use the simple interface to call for a ride or alert parents of an immediate threat. Combined with the GPS tracking features, MamaBear creates an effective emergency button for children in a bad situation.

The MamaBear family monitoring app can be installed and setup on multiple phones in a matter of minutes. MamaBear can track multiple children, making it a perfect option for large families or groups on a day trip. The MamaBear app was designed to give parents peace of mind year round and is particularly useful during the active summer months.

More information on MamaBear is available on the MamaBear website, here.

MamaBear is available in the Google Play Store for Android powered smartphones.

MamaBear is available in the Apple App Store for iPhones.

About MamaBear
Who knew a conversation with a stranger while on vacation would inspire a new way of thinking about parenting and safety of children everywhere. A light bulb went off when a stranger described her full-time job as trying to keep track of her teenagers to an empathetic, problem solving technologist with five kids of his own. The problem and solution was vetted, drawn, tore-up, re-drawn and developed by a group of parents, digital visionaries and experienced technology entrepreneurs with a passion for fostering family unity.

Our vision is a world of worry-free parenting. Our mission is to create tools that provide parents a peace of mind while giving children needed freedom. Our core values are to protect our children, honor our families,encouraging trust and respecting privacy.