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Man in Ministry Uses Martial Arts Techniques, Feats of Strength, and His Tragic Story to Break Into the Hearts of Many

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Grapevine, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- Inspiring people can immediately leave an impression upon stepping in a room or the stage. Coach Larry Clay of Monster X Camp aces every possible way in keeping people’s attention to him.

More than just Feats of Strength

Coach Larry is power and strength personified. Standing 6’8 and weighing more than 300 pounds, the Monster X Camp coach immediately attracts attention upon getting in front to start his inspirational messages. This attention stays once he showed off his strength. Bending steel bars or crumpling skillets with his bare hands becomes an attraction during his talks. Nevertheless, what makes him more inspirational is his personal story.

The Story that Tears Everyone’s Heart

Mostly, Larry Clay keynote messages in the All Works for Good Ministry include telling about his story. His story is extremely tragic and probably every bad event experienced by one person. According to Coach Larry, “My story is something that everyone may have experienced at one point in their lives. I’ve been abused physically and verbally, raped, fed drugs, neglected and starved. Beating the hell crap out of me in different ways possible is like living daily torture in hell.”

Listeners can’t keep themselves from crying or being surprised after hearing his history. They can’t believe that the over achiever coach had a rough time. Watch Coach Larry during one of his talks at

All Things Work for Good

“People think that my past is enough to mess me up,” he continues. “They know that I’ve made it in the athletics, martial arts field, music and business, so they are struck with disbelief after hearing my story. However, I want everyone to understand that our past doesn’t decide our fate.”

The motivational speaker emphasizes this point all the time in his talks. This also inspired Coach Larry to establish the All Things Work for Good Ministry, a group that urges everyone to go on walking the right path despite the heartaches, the bad decisions, and the wrong individuals who drag them back to the pits of darkness. “We encourage everyone to move on by thinking about the people who keep praying for them and survive to see their enemies’ heads roll after they get back on their feet. These enemies will always be there to derange them, but it’s important to remember that everything works for the good,” says Coach Larry.

Transparency is King

He continues, “People say that some stories are meant to hide inside our closets. However, I’m not ashamed of my story and I want it to serve as inspiration for everyone worrying about their future after experiencing such devastating issues. And I really love it when listeners come to me and say how much my transparency let them see how God has worked in their lives.”

To learn more about the ministry and find inspiration in meeting daily challenges, visit its website at

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