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Media Picks Up on Super Beta Prostate Supplement Success Following Medical Trials

Comprehensive Reviews had a medical professional give insight into the Super Beta Prostate supplement and caused excitement in the media when it was proven effective.


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- Super Beta Prostate is a dietary supplement that contains high levels of Beta-sitosterol, a compound that's found in the majority of plants and berries. Its 250mg of beta-sitosterol and 600mg of mixed plant sterols are amongst the highest concentrations on the market and it is claimed they promote the healthy working of the prostate in older males. Comprehensive Reviews recently put this to the test with an expert review that demonstrated clear evidence of the effectiveness of the product, and their press release for the review has since been syndicated around the web, proving interest in real solutions is at an all time high.

The information contained within the press release ( frequently refers back to the review, which underpins its claims in scientific fact and explains in easy to read plain English why the ingredients are effective in a ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach to prostate health.

The release also emphasizes that individuals should buy the supplement from the official website to be assured of the authentic product at the lowest price, and cites major supplement providers like Holland & Barrett to make their case for the efficacy of these nutrient solutions as a natural alternative to prescribed medicine.

A spokesperson for Comprehensive Reviews explained, “The thing that sets us apart from most reviewers is that we always ensure to get qualified professionals in a relevant field to analyze and detail the product in question from a neutral but critical standpoint. In this way, we eradicate things like discount and perception biases found in layman user reviews, so when we publish something, it means something. We’re seeing that right now as our press release is being syndicated all over the web by excited parties.”

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