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My Heart Watch Offers Low Cost Health Screenings in Berkeley, CA


Berkeley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2013 -- Millions of people in the United States go without routine health screenings each year for various reasons. Having the tests performed in a lab can be cost prohibitive and most require doctors’ orders. That means many people could be living with serious medical conditions that require attention simply for lack of testing. To combat this, My Heart Watch is offering low cost health screenings in Berkeley, CA. The screenings are performed every Friday in the Berkeley Central Medical Building.

For a nominal fee, My Heart Watch administers blood tests such as lipid panels for cholesterol screening, daily glucose and HbA1c screenings for diabetes and ALT and AST screenings for liver function. They also offer bone density screenings. None require doctors’ orders. My Heart Watch uses the most current mobile analysis devices available to perform safe, accurate, and affordable bone density screenings and blood analyses. Blood tests are performed by licensed phlebotomists, using a relatively painless finger-sticking technique.

My Heart Watch’s quality control staff includes a physician and four medical technologists to assist the service team. Test results and counseling generally are made available to screened individuals within 10 minutes. Counseling includes an explanation of the individual results and distribution of relevant literature.

My Heart Watch provides allergy screenings as well. Also using the finger-sticking method, this highly accurate blood test uses breakthrough technology to measure the body's response to a panel of the ten most common allergens. These would include: Timothy grass, Bermuda grass, mountain cedar, ragweed, mold, dust mite, cat, milk, egg white and wheat. People receive their results along with a personalized allergy plan through an email link or the U.S. Mail within ten days.

“We’re offering screening for conditions that range from serious medical problems like diabetes to things like allergies that can detrimentally affect the quality of people’s lives,” said a representative of My Heart Watch. “Essentially our goal is to remove all the barriers that can get in the way of people living long, healthy lives.”

People can drop in as there is no appointment necessary on Fridays between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Same day appointments are available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

About My Heart Watch
My Heart Watch is a fully insured state and federal CLIA-certified laboratory division which specializes in affordable public and corporate health screenings including cholesterol, diabetes and bone density. As the leader in providing quality, affordable health screenings and health education in both public and private settings, My Heart Watch is chartered to provide the most up-to-date screening and analysis tools and techniques available. For more information on low cost screenings, visit: http://myheartwatch.com

3031 Telegraph avenue Suite 138
Berkeley, California 94705