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New Book ‘Predictive Marketing: The Secret Sauce’ Teaches Businesses to Forecast Customer Behavior


Broken Arrow, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2012 -- From the purchase of a box of cereal to the investment in a new family car, there are a number of things that factor into each person’s buying decisions. Outside influencers such as advertisements and endorsements, as well as internal influencers including budget and personal preference all play a role in helping people choose the products and services worthy of their hard earned money.

For businesses, the ability to predict a customer’s next buying choice would make a huge impact on not only sales, but also their customer relationship marketing.

Developed and written to help banks and corporations retain and enhance their customer relationships, author David W. Anderson recently released his new book, “Predictive Marketing: The Secret Sauce.” Delivering a system that has helped companies increase campaign responses by up to 1,000 percent, the new book includes in-depth information about one of the newest and most successful small business marketing trends, predictive marketing.

Predictive marketing is not a typical CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Nor is it traditional database marketing. Predictive marketing contains many of the concepts as CRM and database marketing, but goes far beyond those traditional tools, literally predicting a customer’s next action and then applying custom business rules to address that activity.

And according to Anderson, “The results include incredible sales increases, amazing advances in customer retention and substantial savings in customer service.”

He adds, “Just imagine being able to identify what your customer will purchase next – before he evens knows it – or to flag at-risk accounts before the customer leaves.”

The marketing techniques expressed in “Predictive Marketing: The Secret Sauce” also help businesses upsell and cross-sell customers based on their individual activities and preferences, all while providing a unified message across all communications platforms.

Unlike other costly sophisticated software systems currently available on the market, including interactive voice response or IVR marketing and call center marketing, the principles of predictive marketing can be utilized by smaller businesses without depleting their financial resources.

In fact, predictive marketing will work for virtually any business that has customers. From the sole proprietor to a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation, predictive marketing will help retain clients, acquire new customers and reduce the cost of customer touch points.

For more information or to purchase “Predictive Marketing: The Secret Sauce,” visit http://www.amsiweb.com/publications

About David W. Anderson
With decades of executive and personal marketing experience, David W. Anderson developed predictive marketing to help banks and corporations retain and enhance their customer relationships, a system that has increased campaign responses by up to 1,000 percent. Anderson has conducted landmark research and marketing planning literally reshaping the international prepress industry. Today, his firm, AMSI (Amsiweb.com) offers consulting services to a wide range of businesses. Services include quantitative and qualitative research, strategic planning, executive group facilitation and electronic commerce systems. Clients include international oil companies, global software developers and worldwide oil tools manufacturers. Anderson has also created and marketed the WebTeller® brand electronic financial services to banks, third-party pension administrators and others. Overall, Anderson simply loves the challenge of helping others by creating measurable marketing plans and processes that truly work.