New Children's Book Illustrates Life's Simple Pleasures and Cherished Moments with Loved Ones

Author Alana Dorrell Creates a True-To-Life Tale Depicting Her Admiration for Her Grandpa


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2017 -- New author Alana Dorrell uses memories of her carefree childhood spent on her grandparents' farm in The Redlands, Florida to craft her debut book, Grandpa? I Wanted to Ask .... Alana has always had a close-knit relationship with her two sisters, Allie and Amy, and this book will be the first installment of her children's book series Wondrous Days of the 3 A's. With each book illustrating strong family bonds across the generations, Alana had a specific goal in mind for her series.

"There are some books that are creative and moving, two characteristics that I believe make a great story. So, when I started writing this book, I wanted it to be those things, too."

Grandpa? I Wanted to Ask ... brilliantly blends these two qualities. Little Alana loves living in her grandparents' farmhouse with her mom and two sisters! The three girls spend their days frolicking amongst tall avocado trees and making mud pies. One day, Grandpa asks Alana to help him with chores on the farm, and Alana discovers the quirky details that make her grandpa unique.

This book was written from the perspective of a curious grandchild who adores her grandpa. Wondrous Days of the 3 A's will continue to follow Alana, Allie, and Amy on all their farmhouse adventures spent with their loving family. Children and adults alike will relate to each poignant family moment as they are transported to the scenic farm through vibrant and adorable illustrations.

Grandpa? I Wanted to Ask ... is available now just in time go Grandparent's Day on September 10th on, and The ebook will be available exclusively on

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