New Kindle Cookbook: 101 Delicious Turkish Recipes by Author Bryan Rylee Reveals the Spirit of Turkey


Ankara, Turkey -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- Learning to cook authentic and delightfully tasty Turkish food at home is now an easily achievable goal thanks to Bryan Rylee's new Kindle book Cookbook: 101 Delicious Turkish Recipes available on and receiving rave reviews.

People often have the misconception that cooking exciting ethnic food is time consuming or difficult, but author Bryan Rylee has just shown that's anything but the case. His recently released hit Kindle book “Cookbook: 101 Delicious Turkish Recipes” removes the veil on Turkish cooking and delivers 101 recipes that are mouth watering, delicious and within nearly any amateur cooks ability.

“Discovering new food is one of the great joys in life,” the author recently said. “I'm in love with Turkish cuisine so I couldn't help but share it with the world. I'm glad that people are enjoying the book as much as I loved writing it.”

Turkish food is as unique as the country's famed history. As the meeting point between worlds, the Turkish culinary tradition runs as deep as in any of the world's great cultures. Not just hummus and kebabs, or other popular expressions of Turkish “street food” that have caught on in the West, the cuisine has a side touched on by Rylee that's sure to win over many new converts. Trying just a handful of the 101 recipes could be enough to inspire a trip to Istanbul to experience it delivered by masters first hand.

Cookbook: 101 Delicious Turkish Recipes” has been steadily climbing the charts, a sure sign that not only is interest in Turkish food spreading, but also an affirmation of Rylee ability as an author.

A recent reviewer on Amazon commented, “This cookbook is without a doubt One of the most breathtaking book of recipes for me, I guess it's because I love am a true lover of Asia food. This is perfect for me in so many ways as the recipes are beautiful and the icing on the top is that there are recipes for every occasion. Now this will attract a number of avid Asian food lovers. A must have recipe book.”

At an estimated page count of 159 pages as an instant Kindle download, the books popularity is sure to continue to rise. The spirit of Turkey and of Turkish food is clearly in good hands.

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