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New Social Security Disability Specialized Examiners Will Detect Fraud

A specialized group in New York will detect trends that will help the Social Security Administration identify potential disability fraud in cases across the United States.


Sandy, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- A specialized unit of 20 experienced disability examiners has recently been formed. They will use their expertise to build data analytics to detect and prevent fraud at the earliest possible point of the decision-making process.

The announcement was made by Carolyn W. Colvin, Acting Commissioner of Social Security. “Social Security strives to preserve the public’s trust in our programs and we have no tolerance for fraud. We are aggressive in our efforts to detect and prevent fraud.”

Social Security Disability benefits have increased from 10 percent of all Social security costs in 1990 to more than 18 percent today. New rules and new conditions that qualify for benefits have contributed to the increase.

More than half of the new Social Security Disability claims are based on mental or musculoskeletal disorders. Such claims are difficult to diagnose, hard to disprove and are easy to fake, which creates an opening for fraudulent applications to be submitted.

In January 2014, in New York City, a multimillion-dollar Social Security Disability fraud scheme was discovered. It involved some retired firefighters and policemen who claimed they suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Prosecutors said the defendants were meticulously instructed by four men, who are at the center of the case, on how to fail memory tests and how to behave. After receiving benefits, many went on to hold jobs they had claimed they were incapable of performing.

On April 1, 2014, David Disney, former owner of Disney & Associates was sentenced to nearly two years in federal prison for collecting more than $144,000 in Social Security Disability payments. He claimed he could not take care of himself or his finances, or concentrate for more than five minutes at a time, yet continued to do work that he claimed he could not.

Acting Commissioner Colvin added, “To those who would try to cheat us: We will find you; we will prosecute you; we will seek the maximum punishment allowable under the law; and we will fight to recover any money you’ve stolen from the American people.”

Attorney Matt Nielson, of Matt Nielson Disability Law states, “Filing for Social Security disability benefits can be confusing and frustrating because of the amount of documentation that is necessary to satisfy a valid application. Complete honesty is vital so there is no conflict in the information that is sent to the SSA.

However, in our experience, we seldom see claimants trying to get benefits they don’t deserve. The system supports those who have worked hard, paid into the system and are unable to work because of a disability.”

The Sandy, Utah based Social Security Disability law firm of Matt Nielson Disability Law helps individuals file for and get the Social Security Disability benefits they are eligible for. Attorney, Matt Nielson and advocate Barrie Nielson have thirty-eight years of combined experience working with SSDI and SSI clients.

The highest standards are observed.

To learn more about Social Security Disability benefits, contact Matt Nielson at 801.566.1860 or read more at: http://UtahSocialSecurityDisabilityLaw.com

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