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New Tech Blog TheNextLab.com Provides Detailed Blog Post on Windows 8


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2012 -- Tech enthusiasts have been flocking to the new tech blog TheNextLab.com to read their latest post with a rundown on features and the upcoming release date for the highly anticipated Windows 8. TheNextLab tech blog covers all of the latest information on technology from Samsung, Apple and Google as well as related products and information.

With the longstanding success of its Windows 7 Operating System (OS), users and technology enthusiasts alike are on the constant lookout for information on the highly anticipated Windows 8 OS. Readers were not surprised to find a detailed blog post about Windows 8 on the new tech blog TheNextLab.com with plenty of insights, specifics and some speculation. “Unlike Windows 7, which was really just a set of incremental changes from the previous versions, Windows 8 is clearly intended to be a much further leap in technology that is expected to have a profound positive influence on the user experience,” said TheNextLab.com founder.

The blog post discusses everything from the new user interface using Microsoft’s Metro Design language and Windows 8 cloud storage capabilities to the Windows App Store and much more. The “Windows To Go” feature is discussed as it is one of the most anticipated additions to Windows 8. “The ability to load a fully manageable Windows 8 OS onto a bootable USB thumb drive is a big deal for business users, but most people are also highly interested in the prospective release date, which likely won’t happen until late 2012,” said the blog website founder.

Readers can find a wealth of information on the new website including the upcoming Samsung Galaxy SIII, the possibility of an Apple iPad mini with a larger display, the possible Macbook Pro retina display as well as a number of fixes for several recent Trojans on specific devices and much more. Readers can search the site by categories including Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, HTC as well as a rumors section and much more. “All of our contributing authors are true technology geeks, so they are able to keep readers informed on the latest devices with detailed information that is constantly updated,” said the website founder. For more information, please visit http://thenextlab.com/

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The new tech blog covers all information related to Samsung, Apple, Google and everything associated with them. This includes new product announcements, their release dates and reviews. Blog authors are tech geeks who like everything about tech and gadgets so readers can expect coverage on everything important in the tech market.