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Passive Pursuit Publishes New Free SEO Strategies for Budding Affiliate Marketers

Passive Pursuit has created a free series of SEO strategy editorials to help people successfully transition to a passive income online, using the latest techniques and approaches.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2015 -- The notion of a 'passive income' is one that for years has been open to only a rich elite who can accumulate interest through an investment portfolio. The internet however has democratized passive income so that anyone with internet marketing skills can create lead generation pages and earn money from top product providers. Passive Pursuit is a website helping people achieve this, offering news and updates on the latest and best affiliate programs. They are now offering a series of new SEO articles that enable people to improve their traffic immediately.

The new articles feature information on how to prevent referral spam, how to effectively use link building to maximize search rankings and traffic, and common mistakes people make when optimizing their site and building their online presence. Together they form a valuable task list of do's and don'ts that will help people master online marketing.

These articles are the latest in a series of valuable free content that covers everything from securing a domain to installing and designing a website, optimizing pages for both algorithms and human behavior, and how to successfully automate pages to market themselves.

A spokesperson for explained, "Passive Pursuit is pleased to be able to offer these new resources free to those who sign up. After months of providing information on the very best opportunities to existing affiliate marketers, we realized we also had a responsibility to help people take advantage of those opportunities. We help people come to grips with the basics of internet marketing as well as offering insight into some of the more advanced techniques that can really help people distinguish their sites and make a real difference to their success. Combining this free information with our regular updates will give people everything they need to start out."

About Passive Pursuit
Passive Pursuit is a website offering entrepreneurially minded individuals the chance to become affiliate marketers with the best paying affiliate schemes on the web. It offers budding online marketers direct access to networks and offer that pay out hundreds of dollars on a sale, and features training on SEO, marketing tools and affiliate marketing tips to help maximize conversions and generate a living online.

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