Penny Stocks Analyst Peter Leeds Offers 100% Unbiased Penny Stock Research

Author of popular newsletter ‘Peter Leeds Penny Stocks’and public speaker on penny stocks, Peter Leeds is pleased to share his expertise with investors. He says, “The best time to buy penny stock is when everyone else is selling. When people talk about penny stocks, they think of small, thinly traded companies whose shares are trading for a few cents each.”


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- However, according to Mr. Leeds, “Penny stocks are actually any shares trading for less than $5. In penny stocks trading investors can find all sorts of great investments that can lead to a great return and profits.”

Peter Leeds offers unbiased reviews of the top penny stocks. The organization lets investors know which companies can provide a higher ROI and which companies are the strongest regardless of popularity.

Subscribers who review their popular stock message boards and the newsletter will have an advantage over other penny stock investors. They inform investors which penny stocks are the best to buy right now and this is a major help for novice investors.

Their team of stock traders and penny stock brokers analyze, track and rate the top penny stocks that help investors gain the most out of their investments. They realize how tough it is for an ordinary investor to make money in today’s volatile stock market and began to offer their newsletter.

However, like any investment one needs to find the right company and watch out for the top penny stock picks. They will watch for the best penny stocks and advise when to buy. This allows investors not to be swayed towards popular stocks and read their unbiased research to make a well informed decision.

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