PeopleLocatorHelp.Com Adds Two New Reverse Phone Lookup Sites Under Five Dollars


Bronxville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- Reverse phone lookup reviews industry site has added two of the lowest cost reverse phone lookup sites on the web to its stable of reverse phone lookup sites on its 2012 review site. One site costs less than five dollars for a lookup and the other site costs less than $.80 for a lookup. Both sites provide near 100% accuracy levels for its reverse cell phone lookup and other phone lookup searches. Both sites have over 1 billion records of landline and cell phone number data to augment its data services. Although most reverse cell phone lookup sites provide additional service which may include criminal records and possibly arrest records as part of the reverse lookup, these low-cost sites do not provide these additional perks. They only provide the address and name of the phone owner attached to each record, which is what most people require in a reverse search. To review these sub $5 reverse phone lookup sites yourself, please visit : http:/

Moreover, according to their research, they have concluded that people just want to get basic services out of reverse phone searches. Additionally, most customers will just decline to pay upwards of $20-$30 for a reverse phone lookup that provides these additional perks. According to a six month study by AZT research, an online research company, 92% of reverse search customers conduct a reverse phone lookup with the anticipation that the end result will be plain reverse phone lookup data which includes name of phone number owner and mailing address and nothing more.

As a result of these requirements of most reverse phone lookup customers, more and more high quality low-cost services are springing up all over the Internet. The research firm PeopleLocatorHelp.Com has identified two of the lowest cost reverse phone lookup services that provide near 100% accuracy levels combined with a super low-cost structure with one service costing under five dollars and the other service costing under $.80. Although these services only provide a bare-bones reverse phone lookup, they do anticipate that they will continue to provide for the same price, additional services within the near future and thus the reason PeopleLocatorHelp.Com has decided to rate within its top four reverse phone lookup services of 2012 the two lowest cost services.

Additionally, the services have received rave reviews and positive customer feedback over the past 15 months as compiled by PeopleLocatorHelp.Com's publisher staff.

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