Peter Leeds Announces Presale Copies of "Penny Stocks for Dummies"


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- Penny stock investment pioneer Peter Leeds announces the news of his soon to be released book "Penny Stocks for Dummies". The book will become available on stands and online on the 22nd of April.

Peter Leeds is a well-known author of the book "Invest in Penny Stocks". Published by John Wiley & Sons, his new book "Penny Stocks for Dummies" helps novice investors understand the basics of penny stock trading. Investors will learn how to pick stocks, when to sell them and trading strategies to avoid in the process.

Regarding the new launch, a representative of Wiley says that the Dummies books are one of their most accomplished series of books. They provide workable and crystal clear details on different subjects, making it convenient for the readers to apply what they’re learning.

The writer and penny stock expert Peter Leeds explains "Trading penny stocks profitably involves numerous concepts, but none are complicated on their own. The Dummies approach was the perfect way to make all the information easily accessible so that readers could immediately begin applying it and benefiting."

‘Penny Stocks for Dummies’ is being offered in addition to his best selling online newsletter: The Penny Stocks newsletter. The newsletter is a guide for people looking to invest in penny stocks and has already sold over 35,000 subscriptions.

Peter Leeds was asked to write this Dummies book due to his reputation as a renowned public speaker, his media interviews on NBC, CBS, Fox, and CNNfn and his published citations on sites such as Business Excellence Magazine. Nonetheless, ‘Penny stocks for Dummies’ can now be bought online at, Barnes & Noble (, and numerous other sources.

On April 22nd the published edition of the book will be available in all popular book stores. The book is priced at $25.99, but investors are urged to purchase the pre-sales edition so they can receive 48% off the retail price on sites such as

Autographed copies of both editions on penny stocks by Peter Leeds will be available on his site As Leeds Claims "Penny Stocks for Dummies expands on many topics, while introducing several which I had not previously discussed. There is no work even closely comparable to the degree of detail and guidance that Penny Stocks for Dummies provides."

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