Peter Leeds Provides Exclusive Research on Which Penny Stocks to Buy in His Daily Newsletter

Penny stocks are any shares trading for $5 each or less. These are best for the traders who wish to invest small amounts and wish for higher returns.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- Renowned penny stock expert Peter Leeds in collaboration with his team of researchers provides comprehensive research on what are penny stocks and how to trade them. His daily newsletter, The Penny Stock Guide, provides buy and sell recommendations for different penny stocks that are traded on the public market.

Making profits from penny stock investments can be improved when traders are equipped with the knowledge which are the best picks at that exact point in time. Peter Leeds and his team provides extensive research on which are the best penny stocks to pick in today’s market.

Peter Leeds’ newsletter is available at and helps traders avoid the worst penny stocks to invest in. Experts suggest that traders should never trust any information about penny stocks that they can get for free as it is generally offered by amateurs or traders who stand to benefit from recommending the stock. Many times they hold shares in those companies and try to make the price move with their recommendations.

According to Peter Leeds, a leading expert in penny stocks, “While 1% of free info about penny stocks is trustworthy and helpful, the other 99% has hidden motives and are actively working to mislead investors to buy into their promoted penny stocks of questionable quality.”

Consultancy is also needed for penny stock traders to avoid huge losses that they incur when they invest on their own. Traders should avoid the penny stocks trading on the Pink Sheets markets; rather, they should opt for the top penny stocks made by the professionals, stick to the best markets, like the OTC-BB, Amex, and NASDAQ.

Why Should Peter Leeds Be Trusted?
The straight answer is he has made a career of uncovering the absolute best in penny stocks. He is a seasoned professional who knows nitty-gritty of penny stocks and provides exclusive information on what are the top penny stocks to invest in.

Nonetheless, he has made a successful career in penny stock investment consultancy and considered an expert by a large number of investors who benefit from his services. If you are a penny stock trader, you simply can trust his instinct and knowledge for maximum gains.

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