Peter Leeds Penny Stocks Guide on How to Trade Penny Stocks Is Now Available

Peter Leeds’ online newsletter, The Penny Stock Newsletter, is available with new tips on how to trade penny stocks. Penny stocks are common shares of small public companies that trade for less than $5. Such stocks are considered highly speculative and high risk but may have a large potential for profit. These are commonly seen as a "gamble" but the reality is these often offer one of the biggest returns on investment for retail investors.

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 12/14/2012 --A leader in the penny stock investing market, Peter Leeds claims, “We were the first in the market to provide penny stock alerts that soar over 1,000%.” Penny stocks deal in small-cap companies that have a low market value i.e. startups that are trading on the Pinksheets or OTCBB market in the U.S. Accurate public information is a major tool that can be used for gains in trading penny stocks.

According to an expert working for the newsletter, “the company gives due diligence on the most promising companies that are ready for massive growth. In fact, 95% of the companies and their stocks are turned down by us as we only look for the best penny stocks for our subscribers and maximize their profit.”

Investors who make the right decisions are often the ones who accept the risks as well. The trick is to find the best penny stocks and avoid the duds. The criteria for selecting these profitable companies are the same for all stocks: through fundamental analysis investors should do an assessment and select the one that has potential.

Investors should assess the company and look at aspects like viability of the product, profitability, resilience and management. There is great potential for these small companies to grow, especially if investors are armed with the required knowledge that ‘the Peter Leeds Penny Stocks Guide’ offers. The information that they provide is helpful for those novice investors new to penny stocks who want to buy best penny stock for their portfolio.

The value of these penny stocks can grow exponentially within weeks if investors have the correct information that is not skewed by brokers who have a stake in the stock they recommend. Subscribing to can help investors make the right decision i.e. buy only the best penny stocks. is synonymous with quality, credibility, success and reliability for small-cap investors. They are pioneers and early movers in the industry. In fact, if anyone had followed all of their alerts they would have made compounded gains of over 40,000%! is a research firm composed of experienced investors in the small-cap market.

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