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Provocative New Book Explores How to Free Human Beings from Their 'Biologic Prisons' and Be Their True Naturalis Selves

‘The RelaNaturalium Path To THE TRUTH of Your Life’, written by R.K. Relan is a sprawling 776 pages of artwork, musings and the author’s unique views on life, oppression, tyranny, violence and above all, why human beings are stricken by the same ailments, year after year and decade after decade. Relan details his answer to the problems faced by humankind, and asks readers one vital question – who owns life?


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Author R.K. Relan asks his readers a question early on his new book: “Are you ready to escape from your UnNaturalis Biologic Prison, to live a free life as your Naturalis True Real Self?”

As he is well aware, this might be confusing to those who aren’t sure of the difference between ‘Naturalis’ and ‘UnNaturalis’ human beings, but he knows – the answer will become clear as readers delve deeper into the book.

‘The RelaNaturalium Path To THE TRUTH of Your Life’ is Relan’s epic work, and it is the result of years of self-discovery and research. Seeking to free human beings from what he calls their ‘biologic prisons’, Relan believes he has the cure for all physical, emotional and mental illnesses and wants to show others how to find their ‘Naturalis True Real Self.’

Relan’s motivations for writing the book are very personal and painful.

“My mother was abused for 35 years by my father; my life was consumed and obsessed with finding the answers as to why my father was abusing my mother and also how to help my mother from my devil father,” says the author. “After a life time of search, I found the truth. I present that pure biological truth in my book.”

Although Relan cannot change the past, he hopes to affect the future with his book. “I want to reach every female on earth, because if they are UnNaturalis then they will give birth to Devils, but if they are Naturalis then they will give birth to Saints. So the issue is not to change the world's devils into saints, which no one can do, but to illuminate females to their Naturalis true selves, so they will give birth to Saints.”

Continuing: “This book is only about women because the women are the creator of every life on earth thus a real and only Goddess in the universe. Any man who fails to realize that very fact and prays to any other gods and/or goddess is diabolical man in nature, living a life of lies and self-deception. That is why I have created two classes of human race: Naturalis Human & UnNaturalis Human. Naturalis Human's body cells are Naturalis as our mother nature created them. UnNaturalis Human's body cells entail 'repression of the truth(s)'.”

Relan’s hope is that his book will show every woman how to revert their UnNaturalis biological cells to their Naturalis state, thus becoming the true goddesses they were born to be.

“There is no other book in existence that shows a woman’s true path toward success.”

‘The RelaNaturalium Path To THE TRUTH of Your Life’ is available for purchase here:http://www.RKRelan.com

About the Author: R.K. Relan
Date of Birth December 31 1959. Born in India, Raised in Europe, Studied in Canada and finally settled in USA since 1990

The author has dual citizenship, Canadian and American.

In his 35 years of my professional life, he has focused mostly on four professions:

1. Studying Psychology and medical fields, attended therapy and studied Primal Therapy since 1990 in Dr. Janov's Institute. Published two books on Psychology and this 3rd book is on philosophy & psychology of life with medical scientific basis.

2. International Real estate, International Banking and Finance

3. Hospitality {5 star hotels such as Four Seasons Hotel},

4. Public Relations. During his public relations career, he single handedly procured a $2 Billion project in Philippines (1997) and even met with the President of the Philippines.