Raw vs. Processed Food? Vegans and Vegetarians Turn to Kitchen Gadgets for a Quick Meal Deal


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2016 -- There have been long discussions on whether or not processed food is in fact damaging on one's health. Nutritionists, in a growing number, inform the public that while a healthy diet is one containing a large number of vegetables, the amount of vitamins one gains decreases when these are cooked. In other words, a bowl of cooked zucchini and tomatoes will not have the expected health benefits.

When cooked at high temperatures, live food enzymes die. So, the body is forced to turn to other sources to gather its vitamins and mineral intake, alongside other nutrients. That is why after cooked meals, a feeling of tiredness and exhaustion takes over.

For this reason, nutritionists inform the public that switching to raw food might be a better choice. It could help your body immensely awarding it with the necessary vitamins. If leading a completely raw diet might seem difficult at first, including several raw dishes in your everyday lifestyle could still be perceived as a victory. Vegans and vegetarians often turn to different kitchen gadgets to help them prepare diverse meals. The Spiralizer is one of them. Kitchen Supreme, small family business, brings forward its vegetable slicer, allowing customers to have a go with raw food in a more pleasant and appealing manner.

The main advantage of this veggie spiralizer is that it can cut through all sorts of vegetables, anything from carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, even squash and sweet potatoes. Combining all these vegetables in a one bowl can offer you the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs. The Kitchen Supreme vegetable pasta maker comes with a recipe book that could provide customers with options.

Here is a review awarded by a customer on the Kitchen Supreme Amazon page, informing owners of her experience with the Spiral Slicer.

"Love Love Love!! I live a Vegan lifestyle and I love veggie pasta. I was buying them all done in Whole Foods. A more expensive way!! So I went to Amazon and purchased my own. It's made well, easy to use, safe, and beautiful. It comes with a peeler, cleaning brush, and carry bag. I already recommended this product to friends. Thank you for a great and useful addition to my everyday cooking!!!!"

About The Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer
The Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer is a trustworthy gadget that can provide users with a huge variety of veggie cooking ideas. This is a product fit for people trying to lose weight, people who want to switch to a healthy diet or simply those looking for interesting side dishes. It is a BPA free product, fit for children, it is dishwasher safe and it is very simple to use. The package is made up of the product, a small brush use to adequately clean it manually, a ceramic peeler and a recipe book.

About Kitchen Supreme
Small family business, started in 2013, based in New York, United States, Kitchen Supreme has been selling its products online on dedicated platforms such as Amazon.com. The company is interested in receiving customer feedback and reviews, as these offer the staff the means to make adequate improvements on all products.

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