Parents of Two Blind Children with Severe Autism Seek Funding Help Through

Craig and Lou Anne are the parents of four children including two blind and autistic sons. Their stressful life has now taken a toll on this exemplary couple.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- Lou Anne and her husband Craig have two blind sons named Ciaran and Geordie with severe autism. Caring for the boys creates a highly stressful life; there is no external support whatsoever. They have decided to home school their autistic sons due to school bullying and inappropriate discipline received from professionals entrusted to care for them. The couple is severely sleep deprived; this has caused extreme stress, fatigue and serious health complications. Unfortunately, Craig and Lou Anne cannot afford necessary, costly treatments and medications for themselves after paying for the biomedical interventions and high grade supplements they provide for their sons - which still fall short of offering relief from the physical pain that accompanies their severe autistic symptoms.

"Having a child with autism is the same pain as being married to someone with Alzheimer's. One day they love you, recognize you and engage with you and the world... the next day they're in a world you can't penetrate, push you away as if you're the enemy and can't communicate a word from yesterday, and almost the entire week to this... I try to prepare myself for it but can't seem to," says Lou Anne.

This crowdfunding campaign has been started by Shari Dua, a fellow member of a Facebook health forum where Lou Anne publishes posts from time to time. The primary objective of this fundraiser is to improve the overall quality of living for these two boys; most crucial is to resolve their extreme periods of autism by securing the best medical care and focused biomedicals for the children. A funding goal of $75,900 has been set for the campaign.

The health condition of Ciaran and Geordie can be summarized as:

-They have Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) and the CEP290 Gene mutation.
-This is a rare Retinal Dystrophy affecting approximately 1 in 80,000 births.
-Rare, yet two of the four children in this family were born blind.
-The boys face an additional threat of Kidney Failure due to LCA, CEP290.
-Both boys have Severe Autism; they often go long periods without sleep.
-Blind and Autistic, the boys require one parent to always be by their side when awake.

Though scientists are engaged in extensive research, there is no cure for Ciaran's and Geordie's disease to date. Craig and Lou Anne wish to help all blind children with LCA someday have the opportunity to see. Therefore, they will direct all money received over and above their requirement to further assist studies on finding a cure and treatment for LCA CEP290 gene mutation blindness.

This campaign will end on March 20, 2015.

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About The Fundraiser
This fundraiser is to assist a couple with two blind and autistic sons help improve the overall quality of living for their two children. The funding goal for the campaign is $75,900.