EMFURN Announces World Wide Shipping on All Items, Helping Fashionable Furniture Go Global

EMFURN has now undertaken a commitment to offer worldwide shipping on their high quality, affordable furniture items, meaning fashionable interiors at affordable prices for all.


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- Furniture is an essential for any home, but unfortunately it's essential nature sees many people going for the lowest priced option for fear of the immediate expense of things that truly express a design sensibility, or offer lasting quality. Though many people claim to prefer designer furniture, they won't invest because they feel they don't have the lifestyle to afford the price tag. EMFURN makes such perceptions a thing of the past, with amazing designer furniture at incredibly affordable prices. The company has just announced worldwide shipping, allowing people across the globe to transform their homes.

The catalog of modern design classics is comprehensive, and every item comes with an extensive gallery including imagery of the piece in every color available as well as in situ to help people understand how it may look in a home. They come with unbiased user reviews, a detailed product description, clear pricing and easy and secure payment options.

Any item can now be ordered by anyone, anywhere in the world, and can be delivered anywhere in the world. Orders in North America almost always qualify for free shipping, as do big ticket items ordered internationally. In this way the company makes affordable furniture universal.

A spokesperson for EMFURN explained, "We have everything from a Barcelona lounge chair that we can now ship to Barcelona, to a range of mid century modern sofas that would look perfectly at home in London. We can ship anywhere, which liberates our designs to spread to wherever they will be loved, and helps people get access to high quality design and build without having to pay crippling prices to furnish a room. With such variety on offer we have products to match all tastes whether traditional or eclectic, making the living room a place people can be proud of without the need to raise finance."

The company was started in late 2013 to address the growing need for value-priced modern furniture where high quality was not forsaken. EMFURN offers the best selection of top quality contemporary furniture, modern furniture reproductions and more available anywhere on the internet, and all at affordable prices. They offer free shipping on most items within North America and now offer worldwide shipping on everything in store.

For more information please visit: http://emfurn.com/