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Vision Paper Tower Is a Manufacturer and Exporter of All Kinds of Paper Hand Towels

Vision Paper Towel serves many high profile sectors with their major production line of paper towels which is very hygienic to use.


Zhongtang, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2014 -- Paper towels are basic amenities of many elite restaurants and upscale hotels. They are used on a large scale all over the world as they are better in drying the hands and also in perishable sphere. Vision Paper Towel deals in manufacturing many sizes of paper hand towels and have able exporting partners. The towels come in different layers and thickness depending on its usage.

The company based in China has a long repute of providing paper towels, paper napkins, paper hand towels and paper rolls. The company also produces recyclable paper towels that are in single and multiple folds. One can also use their paper towel roll that is of prime use in toilets as they are very easy to use.

The towels come from good paper quality and are well tested in the companies' laboratory before being processed further. The materials of the towels are sturdy and durable and can withstand extreme wear and tear. Multifold paper towels are also produced which is recyclable in nature and are widespread in clubs and restaurants. The paper towels are made from tough paper and can soak in a lot of water keeping the body surface dry.

The company website can be checked to get a jest of most of their products. The paper used by the company is high in strength and undergoes several testing. It makes the products very soft and efficient in hand drying. The napkins that the company produces are used in luxury restaurants and cafes. The company also produces center pull paper rolls that are very prominent in restaurant toilets and guesthouses.

Most of the paper towels are eco friendly as they are made from recyclable paper that helps in saving tress and natural elements. The paper is processed through many modern technologies and beaten into thin fine sheets till it is made into strong paper towels. The towels are prone to intense scrubbing and are subjected to non-breakage. The towels do not get ripped into smaller pieces even after heavy drying of the hands or other surfaces.

The paper towels can be viewed in the Vision Paper Towel website and the interested clients can leave an inquiry with their address and email to get a quotation of their product. The paper towels are a very handy product when it comes to cleaning hands as cloth towels are more expensive and have higher chances of getting damaged. It is possible for paper towels to be sued in multiple numbers as they are use and throw in nature. It further maintains the hygiene factor as one does not have to use the same towel again and again.

About Vision Paper Towel
Vision Paper Towel is a reliable seller and exporter of paper hand towels. The materials they use are environmental friendly and also recyclable. The list of products can be viewed from their online website


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