Vitarank (MDX Group Inc) Reveals 2015's Effective Content Marketing Trends That Will Not Only Dominate but Will Build Stronger Connection

With the rise of many competitors sprouting from everywhere, it’s about time for many marketers to be more strategic and adaptive on how they could create a content marketing strategy that will generate high quality contents that will not only convert more audience into loyal consumers but will also build a stronger connection to them.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- Attracting and retaining customers through creation and curation of relatively essential contents makes the idea of content marketing as an effective marketing process that will convert readers into consumers. And for the past few years, content marketing has been proven to be the efficient marketing strategy in establishing a brand since this will help track content ROI. Furthermore, using the 'right' content strategy will surely deliver a sustainable result for a long term.

Content marketing this year is expected to be bigger than ever that makes most '83% of B2B and 77% of B2C marketers' to have a content strategy in place. Yet, misconceptions of many marketers that the process of content marketing is just a matter of building high-quality links make the content strategy ineffective; when the sole purpose of content creation is to build new links in order for brands to have a solid connection with the audiences in terms of discussions in relation to the brand. Thus, a conversion happens.

With the recent changes in search engine optimization that Google has done with it Penguin 3.0 'to display higher quality websites at the top of the search engine results', it only shows that Google wants businesses to create and use on their website quality contents that will educate customers, generate some-kind of new awareness, and further enhance brand reputation, as well as fostering brand loyalty. In this way, the link will not be only optimized in the search result, but the rank of the website will also be boosted.

Another thing is creating a low quality content that has nothing to do with the customer's daily lives. This would only reflect that the brand does not give any value to customer's needs which may apparently destroy the brand's reputation into pieces. Consequently, it will make a comeback impossible for a business.

So, what effective content marketing trends marketers should anticipate for this year? These are:

- Content marketing strategy does not end with content publication; the value starts with proper distribution: The focus should not cease in content creation and taking a distribution aside because it may result to a limited audience and struggles in delivering returns.

- Content marketing will be further augmented by social media marketing: Many marketing experts had seen a lot of potentials in social media to make content effectively distributed through likes, shares and tweets, that 94% have admitted that social media plays a vital role in their marketing strategy. It increases not only the 'organic usage' of the content, but the paid social media advertising as well.

- Ads with valuable content will rise better than advertisements: Advertorials, sponsored content and branded content was seen to be more popular and effective in converting audiences into loyal consumers than banner ads that does not specify a certain value to consumer's needs.

- Brands with high quality content will achieve higher search engine rankings. Because this attracts more likes, shares and tweets and attracts more attention on social media.

- Guest blogging as a content marketing strategy will be further improved: Contributing high quality, excellent and relevant content on guest blogs most likely will create inbound links for SEO and increase overall branding, referral traffic, and sales.

- New record highs will be expected from companies embracing the effectiveness of content marketing: With the efficiency of content marketing, a lot companies will invest for content marketing to increase their bottom line through high quality contents and proper delivery.

- Email marketing will be more sophisticated than ever: Since a lot of people are getting frustrated from emails that spamming their account, a challenge was raised for many email marketers to create more pertinent, convincing email content that subscribers will surely read and get engage with.

In a nutshell, with the rise of many competitors sprouting from everywhere, it's about time for many marketers to be more strategic and adaptive on how they could create a content marketing strategy that will generate high quality contents that will not only convert more audience into loyal consumers but will also build a stronger connection to them.

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