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Kitchens to Go Launches New Blog Post to Streamline Commercial Kitchen Renovations

Serving up the right advice can help keep commercial kitchen renovations pain-free, publishes


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2015 -- Reports from the construction industry indicate commercial kitchen remodeling oversights can set businesses back an estimated $50,000 per project in additional labor and materials alone. This figure does not include revenue forfeited due to construction delays and diverted customers. Profit losses of this nature could render businesses in the food service industry unable to recover from their mistakes. Having seen first-hand the devastation resulting from such developments, Ralph Goldbeck of Kitchens To Go has launched the renowned kitchen development solutions company's latest blog post, detailing 5 important pitfalls to avoid when embarking upon a Commercial Kitchen Remodel or renovation.

Said Goldbeck, "The information in this post can save institutions a ton of money, not to mention a bunch of time. Those just planning on doing it 'the easy way' with phased construction owe it to themselves to explore their alternatives. What if they have to close off part of a street, or they have to deal with any issues with historic properties? There are many different issues to consider. After viewers see our expertise and our list of commercial clients, just like their institutions, we hope they'll contact us to discuss their needs further. But even if they don't, we hope they'll read the post so they're informed."

For schools, hospitals, military bases and other large-scale food service operators, renovating their cooking and serving areas is generally not optional, and often years overdue. In addition to taking advantage of the latest technology in the industry to support their staff and raise the caliber of service and experiential quality for those they serve, these facilities must remain up-to-date in order to pass routine inspections and meet all applicable building and safety codes. These same remodels that are designed to keep them in business, however, can also drive them out of business if not executed properly.

Facilities often cannot afford to simply shut down for months while their renovation project is underway. Some choose to outsource their meal production to a catering company or contract managed provider; however, this route can place an extra 20 to 30 percent strain on their budgets in addition to the cost of renovation. Among the hints provided in the new blog post found at, is making use of a temporary commercial kitchen to reduce expenses and downtime.

Concluded Goldbeck, "Anyone looking into this type of project knows every facet of the job may not go as smoothly as they intend. At Kitchens To Go, we specialize in providing both short and long-term temporary kitchen solutions. Our new blog post is just the latest step in our efforts to help streamline the renovation process for commercial kitchens and support the individuals that lead them."

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