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Enhance Health with Nutrient Rich Raw Mixed Nuts

Nowadays, the lives of the people have become fast-paced. Long working hours almost destroys the hunger of a person. Therefore, the fundamental requirement of nutrient intake for the body is not fulfilled. The raw mixed nuts are full of nutrients and a quick snack which an individual can have in a short period of time.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2015 -- Health Benefits of Raw Mixed Nuts

It is a persistent belief that the cooked and roasted food contains harmful toxins which are not easily thrown out of the body. When the food is cooked, it undergoes many chemical changes that produce carcinogens and mutagens. In a document posted by the Harvard Medical School established that consumption of raw tomatoes, watermelon, papaya and pin guava increase the intake of lycopene. The lycopene is a red pigment which decreases the possibility of cancer and heart attacks for an individual. Some experts also quote that the heating of the vegetable decreases the amount of Vitamin C in the vegetables. The enzymes and essential nutrients of the vegetables are simply lost during the heating process of the vegetables. These nutrients simply are replaced by toxins and the harmful substances. Therefore, the inclusion of the raw food materials in dietary plans leads to a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, the raw mixed nuts have many health benefits. The mixed nuts when consumed in the raw form act as a powerhouse of nutrients. The biggest advantage of raw nuts is they are easily accessible from any supermarket or shop at an affordable price. The nuts lose their nutritional value when they are roasted. The raw nuts cater an individual's need of nutrients such as.

- Omega Oil

The raw nuts contain omega oil 3, which improves the mental function of an individual. Omega oil 6 is also obtained from the raw mixed nuts. When both omega oils are taken in correct proportion then they yield healthier skin and at the same time acts as a regulatory material for controlling the cholesterol level in the body.

- Fiber

The raw nuts also serve as a source of dietary fiber. The fiber improves the digestion process in the body of an individual. A handful of nuts is enough to satiate any individual's need of dietary fiber. If an individual is not taking fiber in proper amount, then he may become a victim of the digestive disorders.

- Protein

Protein is essential for tissue and cell building. The raw nuts serve as an excellent source of proteins. For those who are following daily exercise routine just to build up their body, a handful of raw mixed nuts serve as a dietary supplement for a high protein boost.

The consumption of only one nut in excess can shoot up the weight of an individual in a dramatic way. Therefore, the use of raw mixed nuts is preferable. The raw nuts are also used in number of recipes for giving the texture same as the meat to the dish.

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