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Internet Marketing Guru Launches Brand New Program That Brings Lost Visitors Back to Websites and Exponentially Increases Conversions


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2011 -- According to a recent online study, 98% of a website’s visitors never end up buying its product or service. What this means for internet marketers is the vast majority of their visitors, who initially had some interest, leave the website without actually taking out their credit cards.

Psychologists have shown that a consumer has to be exposed to a product or service at least 3 times before they consider purchasing it. Having so many websites to choose from, surfers will rarely hit the same website twice- at least not without precise efforts on the part of the website’s owner.

In response to the growing demand for effective ways to “remarket” to lost visitors, Joseph Burch and remarketing101.com are announcing the release of their brand new program, “Bounce Back reMarketing.”

The program shows internet marketers the simple step by step process for retargeting lost visitors once they’ve left a website. It outlines the precise methods of remarketing that took its creator Joseph Burch, who is referred to as the “eMarketingdoctor” (emarketingdoctor.com), a full year of constant research and beta testing to master, and which has increased his conversion rates exponentially since first putting his methods to use.

“Can you image if people started seeing your ad on blogs, on news sites, on YouTube--basically, almost everywhere they go,” says the website. “Whoomp, there you are! You're top of mind, all the time! What a great way to brand yourself with almost ZERO cost; not to mention the increased traffic!”

The program guides users through the step by step process for how to install code that will make their advertising follow viewers all over the internet, how to remarket to viewers once they come back to a website, how to prep remarketing campaigns for maximum results, and how to show specific ads to specific people.

According to Ben Sahffer, who himself has a considerable amount of experience in the field of retargeting: “Have been doing remarketing for a while now and has turned into a 5 figure monthly income just from that. ...excellent description of procedure and a delight in the way that it was designed and presented.”

So far the feedback for Bounce Back reMarketing has been exemplary. More than providing a simple way for marketers to attract lost visitors, it shows website owners how to save money on marketing and generate huge profits as a result.

To learn more about Bounce Back reMarketing, or to see how to increase conversion rates, please visit: http://remarketing101.com/