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Reputation Monitoring Now Offered by Pinnacle Media Marketing - Reputation Monitoring for Apps and App Developers.

Information on new reputation monitoring services for Apps by Pinnacle Media Marketing.


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- Pinnacle Media Marketing has expanded their reputation management services to assist with reputation management for apps and app development services. Pinnacle is now offering full reputation monitoring and reputation management services to full brands and company branded apps as well as individual apps. These Reputation services are available with other social media and SMS options Pinnacle Media Marketing offers, or utilized for specific apps to gather live market data.

Pinnacle Media Marketing monitors over 150 social media networks for mentions of the monitored app or brand. This monitoring quickly compiles data on positive and negative commentary with regard to each mention of the app. Pinnacle offers complete reporting on all sentiments on a monitored brand across this network, as well as detailed reports on customer service related commentary where it arises.

Reputation management services from Pinnacle Media Marketing are both responsive and proactive in establishing and maintaining the reputation for a brand. The proactive services include press release on positive Brand related events and information, and both SEO and standard blogging to generate a positive reputation for the app or brand.

The responsive reputation management services Pinnacle take the reputation monitoring process one step farther, using positive social media techniques to ensure positive brand remembrance. Pinnacle's responsive reputation management team issues positive responses to both positive feedback to keep customers and readers engaged. Pinnacle also responds positively to negative customer reviews and comments. This ensures already negatively affected commenters are treated with positively and professionally on social media platforms in an effort to generate more positive feedback in the long term.

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