Reverse Phone Lookup Site Receives Award from the Investigative Society of Private Investigators


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- PeopleLocatorHelp.Com announces it has been awarded the premier reverse phone lookup data services award by the investigative society of private investigators. This award is given each year to the website that provides the best overall customer experience related to investigational reverse phone lookup searches. This prestigious award is provided to the publishers of the website which offers its customers the best experience free of cost. And this year the award was given  PeopleLocatorHelp.Com to honor its attention to detail, quality customer feedback and reviews of the best reverse phone lookup services on the Internet.

Tim Robbins, chief editor of PeopleLocatorHelp.Com comments: We are absolutely thrilled that our hard-working editors and publishers have finally been noticed by a leading industry consultant and trade journal. When we built our site three years ago we wanted to provide our visitors the best experience possible while providing hard-nosed analysis and reviews of the industry participants.  This is something that other reverse phone lookup reviews sites fail to provide. We have really gone a long way since our founding in 2009 and we are extremely happy to see that our efforts to make this industry more transparent has been noticed". Mr. Robbins adds: “ we don’t care if the service charges $1 dollar or $30 per  reverse lookup. What matters most to us, is the customer feedback and experience. It’s the only thing that matters”.

The website provides side-by-side comparison of the different features in the top four reverse phone lookup services. It also uses customer feedback and customer experiences to mold its ranking decision. It's ranking system is based on a sophisticated algorithmic formula that takes into consideration cost, accuracy, customer service and most importantly--recent customer feedback. The company considers recent customer feedback as one of the most important determinants of its ranking system because reverse phone lookup services are constantly changing. They are not static systems so to utilize a system that ranks the sites according to the most recent customer analysis makes the side-by-side comparison more transparent. For a more in-depth look on the side-by-side comparisons of the best reverse phone lookup services on the Internet please visit the website at

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This website has analyzed, reviewed and critique the top reverse phone lookup services on the net since 2009. It provides trend analysis of the industry changes and it provides in-depth reviews of the top four services according to its proprietary algorithmic formula.

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