Kurt Lucien

Sales Leads in 30 Days Done with New Social Media Web Marketing Book


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- Kurt Lucien's web marketing book "Web Marketing For Small Business" has been challenging the concept of how business uses social media. By exploring Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and blogs, the book explores an idea uncommon to most social media marketing books. Most marketers focus on motivating business owners and entrepreneurs to create spiffy copy or attractive WordPress pages in the promotion of the idea of high sales conversions with little or, as they often promise, no effort.

Kurt Lucien takes a different approach in his book, pointing out the fundamental reality that even well into the Internet age, sales still primarily come from working sales leads, and that means the traditional method of gaining sales leads, sorting and prioritizing them, and communicating persuasively with the customer. He makes no disguise in his book regarding the amount of work it takes to use social media, some of which, for example, in the case of Twitter must be worked every day, 20 times a day if possible.

"Web Marketing For Small Business" is currently available for FREE until April 3, 2013

The book focuses on building social media from scratch to be a sales lead generating power-house within a 30 day period. Using it's strategies, a business new to social media can use Twitter and various other forms to gain a social media audience and use the audience to generate leads. Leads in the sense used in Kurt Lucien's book means a wide variety of end-result interactions, not only the traditional pick-up-the-phone and sell them type lead. One thing the Internet age does bring is many ways, both hands-on and hand-off, to close a sale, many different communication tools and many different ways customers can find a business and purchase its product or service.

Kurt Lucien
New York, NY