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SC Chromatography Launches New Chromatography Training Program for Labs


Fullerton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2011 -- SC Chromatography is announcing their new “TRM” program that trains lab workers on how to diagnose and repair the common problems that occur with chromatography equipment.

In a lab environment where time is money, many companies don’t have the luxury to wait for manufacturers or service technicians to fix problems that seem to occur on a daily basis. By training in-house employees, the TRM (Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance) program reduces the down time of lab equipment when 3rd party technicians are not immediately accessible.

The chromatography training tackles all the elements of lab repair from basic computer programs to diagnostics of highly sophisticated equipment. “With our TRM training program, you can start with the most basic computer structure and overviews all the way up the complete and comprehensive troubleshooting and repair strategies that can get you up and running faster,” says a company spokesperson.

The program offers a wide array of training options including one day overviews to a one-week, in-depth program at SC Chromatography’s local facility.

They also offer their “Deluxe” program that provides training gradually over a one year period. Participants are provided with one training day per month which is accompanied by four hours of technical phone support and periodic module reviews.

“We have basic training in computers, computer maintenance, all of the way up to hardware/ software support for HP/ Agilent GC, GCMS, HPLC. We also train users of the Total Organic Carbon analyzers,” says a company spokesperson.

SC Chromatography’s technicians are factory trained in Operational Qualification and Performance Verification. They can help labs develop in-house validations that ensure long-term integrity of data as well as equipment sustainability that meets or exceeds manufacturer’s specifications.

What this means for clients is no more “waiting for service” and no more clamoring to get on manufacturer’s waiting lists. Lab systems can be fixed the day they go down which results in maximum lab efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Each of SC Chromatography’s technicians is qualified to train students in hplc chromatography, TOC chromatography, and gas chromatography regardless of their previous experience or knowledge of the equipment.

“All courses are accompanied by a course syllabus, topic checklist, parts lists, recommended maintenance schedules, topic quizzes to keep the training focused, and finally a certificate that states your completion of our certified course”

The program is expected to save labs time and money and has received a great response from SC Chromatography’s current clients.

To learn more about the TRM Program, please visit: http://scchromatography.com