Sciatica Exercises Blogger Finds a Natural Way to Cure Sciatica Pain Forever Without Drugs or Exercise


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- Famed sciatica exercises blogger and trainer, Lisa Petrillo, has found a sciatica nerve pain cure without the use of drugs, sciatica exercises, stretches, surgery or expensive chiropractor visits. Its an all natural way to get rid of that debilitating sciatica pain forever at a minimum of cost. In her  latest Blog postings Mrs. Petrillo shares her extraordinary journey  through the maze of products and services that advertise sciatic relief but never a sciatic cure, which according to Mrs. Petrillo, is what we should all strive for. For more information on her findings please visit her blog or click here .

The sciatica cure she refers to in her blog was actually discovered by a world renowned personal trainer who has had many years of experience helping golfers with their own muscular and sciatica pain. However, his secret discovery fell on deaf ears in the medical community when he decided to make the treatment mainstream. It seamed too many industry practitioners, from doctors, to chiropractors, to nurses to pharmaceuticals were making too much money helping people just relieve their sciatica pain and counting on multiple return visits to relive the pain again and again. An outright natural cure to sciatica pain would severely hurt these stakeholder’s pockets, so naturally, they were not interested in hearing about a natural sciatica cure without sciatica exercises or drugs, after all their repeat business would vanish.

However, Lisa Petrillo was able to hear him out and she bought his books and methods in hopes that this would cure her sciatica pain once and for all, and it miraculously did, to her amazement. Mrs. Petrillo has now devoted the rest of her life to get the word out on these amazing techniques which have cured her sciatica condition forever and claims she has been sciatica pain free for 8 years now. Click here to go to her blog and read more about her research into the sciatica method that cures your sciatica pain forever, without ever doing exercises, stretches, taking drugs or visiting the chiropractor ever again.

About Lisa Petrillo
Lisa Petrillo originally suffered from sciatic pain centered in the left and lower back for 12 years. In year 2004, she found healthy  and natural method to curing  sciatica pain forever and for the 8 years following , she has been pain free. She is a well known personality at major healthcare conferences and provides free advice on other pain matters through her blog.

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