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Sleep Better, Stay Healthier, and Save Money in 2012 With New Pillows from ‘PillowsWarehouse.com’


New Brunswick, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2012 -- According to experts, pillows should be changed every year. The reason why can make even the strongest person’s stomach churn—pillows may seem soft and fluffy but over time they can accumulate not only bacteria-harboring dirt and oils but also literally millions of dust mites. Over time, if a pillow is not replaced, these less-than-desirable occupants can even end up weighing more than the original filler content.

People with asthma and/or allergies can be particularly affected by this issue, but really, nobody should spend 8 hours a night resting their heads on unhealthy old pillows.

Fortunately, replacing the pillows in a home does not have to cost a lot of money. PillowsWarehouse.com is a new website that is already getting a lot of attention for its huge selection of all types of cheap pillows, all at discount prices.

From down to maternity, memory foam and much more, Pillows Warehouse makes it easy for people to buy pillows that can not only help them get a better night’s sleep, but also stay healthier in the new year and throughout all of 2012. The website also features unique styles of pillows including the comfy “boyfriend” style and tooth fairy selections.

Using the website is easy; the only hard part might be deciding which discount pillows to buy first! Along the left-hand side of the home page is a list of the different types of pillows the site features. Customers can select the category of pillows they are interested in buying, which will bring up another page with the available selection of that type of pillow, as well as detailed information about the style.

For example, selecting “Memory Foam Pillows” takes customers to a page that currently features 10 available types of this style of pillow, as well as photos and pricing information. Underneath the products is an article about memory foam pillows which helps customers decide if this type might be right for them.

“When you try to go to sleep at night, it may be more difficult than what you thought. This is when you should learn the benefits of getting a memory foam pillow, instead of any of the other types of pillows which are available on the market,” the article on the company’s website explained, adding that the comfort levels of this type of pillow are significantly better than many other styles.

About PillowsWarehouse.com
PillowsWarehouse.com is a new website devoted to offering the best deals on all different types of pillows, from down and memory foam and maternity pillows to unique styles like boyfriend and tooth fairy selections. The user-friendly website features detailed information about each of the categories of pillows it sells. For more information, please visit http://pillowswarehouse.com