Small Businesses Have New Tool to Fight Google Dominance

Small businesses are out of favor with Google which biases search results to larger enterprises and sites. But the backlink tool from will help smaller companies get the search engine rank they need.


Pleasant Hill, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- To most people, a penguin is a cute little animal with feathers that look like a tuxedo. To small Internet marketing businesses, Penguin is the name of Google's algorithm update that smothered millions of small internet-based businesses. Prior to Penguin, web sites were rewarded with higher position in the Google search engine by having lots of backlinks from other web sites. Specifically, a site was rewarded if a lot of those links contained the targeted keyword as anchor text.

For example, to rate a web site highly in the Google search results for the word "termites", a website owner would procure lots of backlinks on third-party websites using the anchor text "termites." The Penguin update made most of those backlinks worthless as such links were now classified as "over-optimized" and in Google's determination, represented obvious tactics solely to get a higher rank in their search engine. The Penguin update now looks to rank sites highly that have a lot of backlinks with very diverse anchor text (phrases such as "see this," "neat post," "good website," "look here") and other such phrases which Google considers to be more natural or organic.

Many small businesses that played by the pre-Penguin rules and built lots of backlinks with optimized anchor text saw their search engine rank fall precipitously. And, many small businesses are highly dependent on being found when visitors do a web search, and these businesses have suffered under the new Penguin rules.

BacklinkMetro recently introduced a backlink building tool that allows small businesses to quickly rebuild their backlink profile using diverse and "organic" anchor text. These backlinks are only placed on web sites that have some "authority" and must be ranked PR1 or higher (most sites on the internet are ranked PR0 and would not qualify for a source of backlinks by BacklinkMetro).

Businesses that need to regain their lost position in the Google search engine can subscribe as an "advertiser" at, and easily place hundreds or even thousands of "organic" backlinks, the type that Google now looks for, for a nominal investment. And for those Wordpress site owners that are fortunate to already have heavy visitor traffic and don't need any help with search engine ranking, the BacklinkMetro tool allows them to share that traffic with other site owners and earn recurring revenue in the process.

This new tool is an effective and economical way for small business owners to regain their search engine ranking lost in the Penguin shuffle. If you are one of these businesses, or are simply searching for a way to increased traffic to your website, then it may be worth investigating

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BacklinkMetro supplies a backlinking service that allows small Internet marketing companies gain equal footing with larger companies in Google's search engine ranking.

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