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Sodium Propionate Market - APEC to Exhibit the Fastest Growth by 2014-2020

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2015 -- Sodium propionate is sodium salt of propionic acid and is the most widely used chemical today in the food industry. It is stable at room temperature and incompatible with strong oxidizing agents and is prepared by reacting propionic acid and sodium carbonate. Sodium propionate is also prepared naturally in the body when fatty acids and amino acids are metabolized. It is used as a food preservative and as a mold inhibitor in products which are susceptible to spoilage and is a safe compound when used at low levels. Sodium propionate can be in the form of white crystalline solid or powder. Sodium propionate is registered as E number 281 in the Codex General Standard for Food Additives, a document published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization. The E means it is accepted by the European Union to be used for its intended applications.

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Sodium propionate has applications in lotions, gels, foam, ointment, topical cream, oils and fats, beverages, confectionary, snacks, dairy and frozen products among others due to excellent mold inhibition properties. The use of sodium propionate is widespread and necessary in the confectionery industry due to the high moisture content of the bakery products which encourages the growth of mold. Sodium propionate is also used as an additive in animal feed to prevent the growth of micro orgasms in livestock. It is also used for canned fruits and batter mixes where the occurrence of mold is high

The demand for food preservatives and mold inhibitors will be key driving factors for sodium propionate. The food sector requires food preservatives to provide wholesome and attractive products to its consumers and is very essential to maintain the quality of the product .The growing consumption of processed food and beverages especially in emerging economies will increase the market of food preservatives and mold inhibitors. The consumer demand for food with increased shelf life and increased production of convenience foods will also drive the demand for food preservatives and mold inhibitors. The rise in global population had a tremendous impact on the global food supply chain and food safety and hence, the quality has received widespread attention. Different governments and private industries have set specific standards to provide global population with high quality, unadulterated food containing preservatives. However, high cost of natural preservatives and increasing trend towards preservative substitutes could hamper the growth of this market.

North America is the largest market for sodium propionate followed by Asia Pacific and Europe. Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing markets for sodium propionate due to demand for sodium propionate as a food preservative in emerging economies such as China and India. Rapid urbanization, rise in disposable incomes, huge economic growth and changing lifestyle has increased the consumption of processed food in these countries which has lead to expansion of food preservative industry. South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia are the other key markets in this region. The demand for natural food preservative is strong in Europe, especially additives free of chemical variants. Germany, France, U.K., and Italy are the key market in this region.

Some of the key players in this market are Dupont De Nemours and Company, Albemarle Corporation, Royal DSM N.V., Lusa, Eurovet, Virbac, Farmigea, Inrophar, Alvetra, Celanese Corporation, Brenntag Inc. and Jungbunzlauer Ag among others.

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5) The report also provides porters five forces analysis of the market.-

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