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Sports Handicapper Adam Meyer Announces Preparations for Upcoming Football, NFL Season Picks


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- Adam Meyer, handicapper, recently announced that he is gearing up for football and NFL picks for the upcoming season. Adam Meyer is one of the world’s most renowned sports handicappers, generating more than a million dollars in one year for his top clients.

In the sports handicapping world, the name Adam Meyer has been synonymous with success for the past 24 years. Each week, millions of dollars are wagered based on Adam Meyer Picks. In one year alone, Meyer earned his top clients more than a million dollars. Adam Meyer, sports consultant to the stars is the President and CEO of Real Money Sports. As the 2012 NFL season approaches, Adam Meyer, Handicapper gears up for football, NFL picks. “In order to do all of the necessary research and data gathering for a successful season, I start working with my team of analysts well before each season to increase the accuracy,” said Meyer.

Although Meyer is known as the consultant to the stars, thousands of average sports enthusiasts and investors seek his advice and picks as part of a sound money management strategy. With a variety of membership tiers available through adamwins.com, there are tremendous opportunities for the uninitiated as well as the seasoned investor to make money.

A 1 Day All Access Pass for $44.95 provides full access for 1 day to all of the Real Money Sports selections in all sports including Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, horse racing and more.

30-day memberships are available for just $199, which provides access for up to 90 games a month. Members get at least three of Adam's Best Bets, one total of the week, and one underdog of the week. “In a 30 day period, our $200 bettors have earned $50,000 utilizing the proper money management and following the unit structure,” said Meyer.

The VIP Membership provides up close and personal interaction with Adam Meyer and his key analysts. All of the members can get all of the latest in depth statistics, odds and scores from the website. While Meyer is dedicated to making money, he is also dedicated to helping others as evidenced by his recent gift of more than $20,000 to a South Florida Charity. “As we prepare for a new season, my desire for success is as much predicated on giving back to the community as much as helping my clients,” said Meyer. For more information, please visit http://www.adamwins.com

About Adam Meyer
Over his 24 year career, Adam Meyer has become one of the world’s most renowned sports handicappers earning his top clients more than a million dollars in one year. As President and CEO of Real Money Sports, Meyer publishes Real Money Sports Magazine and regularly appears on more than a dozen radio and television shows including ESPN from all around the world. Meyer recently launched his “Adam Wins” iPhone App, which was the first of its kind.