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Study Reveals Habits for Weight Loss Maintenance


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- A groundbreaking study from The Miriam Hospital is highlighting behavior patterns and key features of a healthy lifestyle that make long-term weight loss maintenance possible if followed closely.

The study was conducted over a ten year period and followed nearly 3,000 participants in their lifestyle habits after they had lost at least 30 pounds. Each of the participants had kept the weight off for over a year when they enrolled in the National Weight Control Registry that assisted with the study.

On the whole, the study highlighted how important it is to make adaptable changes to a lifestyle that can be maintained long-term. Of those involved, 87 percent of participants had maintained at least 10 percent of their initial weight loss by five years into the study, and the habits they engaged in were all developed during the course of their beginning weight loss period.

These habits included increased physical activity, self-weighing for monitoring, low-fat diets, and an active effort to avoid overeating. All of these habits are beneficial for anyone, even those not needing to lose weight or maintain a reduction.

These results tell researchers that it is possible to cross the finish line of a weight loss race and still keep running, as long as the person adheres to the same habits and activities that they developed over the initial course.

Keeping up these habits will not only help the person possibly lose more than their initial goal, but also maintain that weight loss over the course of their life. This will lead to decreases in health issues and physical problems, as well as overall life satisfaction, all of which can increase longevity.

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